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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Pics

Sorry it took a while to post the new sono pics, but here they are. Babies are much bigger than the 1st picture and I know this week have been growing! I really felt like I was a bad mom becuase I actually misplaced the pictures from Sunday until now. Ahh....the crazy brain has begun.

I am 10 1/2 weeks and doing good. When it gets dark I get sick, but that is ok....for the most part during the day I am good.

I am starting to get a belly, which is fun, but at the same time sad. I like my clothes and finding new ones is never fun. I did find a great pair of jeans, now I just need a great black skirt. I have heard Old Navy and Target have reasonable maternity clothes so I think I will for sure try there first.


GoSuze! said...

You know...whenever you feel like you're having a lazy day...don't feel like doing much, but feeling a little guilty about it...just remember that on that day, you worked really hard making a couple of lungs, a spleen and a whole bunch of toes!

Josh and Kristin said...
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Josh and Kristin said...

So excited for you Amanda! Just a quick comment as I sit here in my big ol' preggo jeans....most Old Navy's stopped carrying maternity in make sure to check before you go. Also, check the local Goodwill's and Salvation Army' might be suprised what you find if you can weed through the hundred pairs of ugly maternity pants....I found two pairs of designer maternity jeans that fit perfectly, look great, and cost me $12 all together! know I met my hubby online while he was in Iraq as well, right? God is great! -Kristin (Brockman) Sowers