Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Monday, March 29, 2010

Negative & Positive

So I have been procrastinating on an update for one main reason. No one wants to hear a "negative nelly!" I feel like when I post I need to be more upbeat and positive, like I try to be outside of bed rest days. However, we are approaching week 11 of bedrest and I am officially miserable. Mentally and physically I am drained. My body hurts and my days are long. I find myself getting up more and more to stretch and pee and just getting up is a chore in itself. Sleeping is overrated, and while I know you are thinking, get it now because you won't when the babies get here...I know this, but I'm not sleeping now and I would much rather have a different purpose for being awake. I know, I know life will be different with the babies, but I am ready!

However, since I started with negative I must end with a positive. I know how blessed I am to have made it almost 33 weeks! Wow. I follow several triplet blogs and have made a small group of friends among the moms through this journey. I have read the blog back to when they were pregnant and on bed rest, etc and none of them made it past 30 weeks. Our babies are growing every day and I am so glad they are still cooking, really I am.

This weekend started off slow, but I enjoyed Sunday with lots of friends and family. It made the day go by faster and that is a good thing! After church my friend Kari and her daughter Bailey came over for a visit. Then Dad, Denise and Dillon got here with a yummy lunch! Later in the afternoon my Aunt Regina came over with lots of food and then Laura came over with more food! I also got a foot rub which was awesome, thanks Laura!

The nursery is pretty much ready for the triplets. Really it is ready, I am just waiting on a few pieces of bedding and some pictures in frames to go on the book shelf. I will have to take pictures soon so everyone can see the final product. For a normal size room, I think we have done a pretty good job getting all the beds and extra stuff in there without looking too crazy. The colors all turned out amazing and it is for sure packed from wall to wall.

Spring is here and I know that means amazing new blessings! I do feel blessed and know this state is only temporary. We head to the doctor on Thursday for our regular appointment. I will update after that!

Friday, March 26, 2010

32 Weeks.

So far, outside of the hospital, this has been the loooongest week!!! I guess because we are getting so close and the fact that I am so large and uncomfortable. Food plates now sit on my belly and sitting up straight is just not happening. It's all good though, because this week I am 32 weeks!!! We are SO excited to have made it this far and really are on the downhill now :) Here is what has to say about one baby at 32 weeks:

"By now, your baby weighs 3.75 pounds and is about 16.7 inches long, taking up a lot of space in your uterus. You're gaining about a pound a week and roughly half of that goes right to your baby. In fact, she'll gain a third to half of her birth weight during the next 7 weeks as she fattens up for survival outside the womb. She now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair (or at least respectable peach fuzz). Her skin is becoming soft and smooth as she plumps up in preparation for birth."

They are plumpin' up alright! Only great things ahead!
Hope everyone has an awesome weekend, the weather is beautiful!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

3 1/2 weeks and counting...

The doctor visit was great today! It really is amazing how blessed we are each week. At this point I feel I could go to the hospital at anytime, so when I get to come home I am just blown away.

My cervical length measured, 2.3, which is not the best....however is great for how far along I am and how much weight I am carrying. It is "stayin' strong" according to Dr. Romberg. Although I have started swelling, some days worse than others, my blood pressure is perfect and she is not concerned about precalmpsia. She reviewed the reports from last week (she was out with her kids for spring break) from the babies growth and they are all growing great, heart rates good and fluid levels where they need to be. She is so proud we have done so well and feels confident we will make it 3 1/2 more weeks! WOW! Day by day is all I can say.

She thought that when the babies are in until the 20th of April they will be between 4 and 5 pounds, and just depending on how they do may only be in the NICU for a few weeks. The longer they stay incubating, the less they will be in the NICU.

I'm hanging in there. I think I officially look like a chinese umpa lumpa, with my squinty eyes and growing belly...but hey what can you do. I have officially tipped the scales at 207 and think that in way is hilarious since my stomach is smaller and I don't eat as much as you would think a 8 month pregnant woman would. But, I'm not burning any calories so I guess that explains it. I am very uncomfortable pretty much 24/7. Dr. Romberg did say it was ok to get up from time to time and stretch my body since the babies at this point are just taking over and just making things more squished. I am laying on my side more throughout the day because sitting up at times causes discomfort. The days do go by fairly quick so if I can just make it to April 19th, I will be SO happy! I have already told Jack we are going out to dinner that Monday night before the c-section, and I want Kyoto, hibachi grill!!! Mmmmm...I am thinking we will have to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary then because on April 23rd we will be loving on our babies in the hospital.

Here's to 32 weeks tomorrow!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Thoughts.

Friday night Jack picked up our favorites at Chili's and we enjoyed dinner and a movie. Lots of dinner and movies on Friday nights these days, but I know I shouldn't complain because God knows we won't have very many in the near future. We woke up to the rain and freezing cold on Saturday, which is sad because the weather has been beautiful this past week. The first day of spring however was cold and rainy, and we are anticipating snow! Jack made breakfast, sausage and yummy chocolate chip pancakes!

Some of my awesome family came over on Saturday. Shelly got here around noon and brought homemade chicken spaghetti. It was tasty and will be great this week for leftovers. Aunt Sally, Stephanie and Ty also came over in the afternoon and we had a great visit. It was nice to relax and have them here. Thank you for coming all this way to see me. Love you!

The past 2 days have been the most uncomfortable so far. The babies are really strong and at times it just feels like they are all trying to stand up in my belly. Having a straight back feels the best because it gives the babies more room. Imagine sitting with your back straight, then keeping it straight, not bending it at all. Laying back with a straight back, getting up with a straight back, eating with a straight back, typing with a straight back....try it, see how it works for you. Add 30 pounds and it makes for an uncomfortable setting. It is no longer comfortable to even lay in my chair in the living room, so in the bed all day is where I have stayed. I am trying to tell myself it could be worse, and I know this...I just am not quite sure how exactly this will wear on me for 30 days. We can do it, we can do it!!

So here is my 31 week belly. Notice the head is cut off, the double chin and face swelling are embarrassing!

I am ready to be a mom. I am ready to be out of the bed. I am ready to decide what I eat for dinner and snacks in between. I am praying God gives me a lot of and peace during the next month.

Thank everyone for the thoughts, prayers, words of encouragement and meals! We are so blessed.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

31 Weeks and 33 Days to GO!

WAHOOOO, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and am getting so excited! Only 4 1/2 weeks to go until we meet the babies. Bags are packed, bedding arrives next Tuesday and bookcase goes up this weekend. All the final touches, but great feelings of accomplishment!!

Today I am 31 weeks. Here is an update on what says a single baby should be doing at this week:

"This week, your baby measures over 16 inches long. He weighs about 3.3 pounds (try carrying four navel oranges) and is heading into a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin. He's probably moving a lot, too, so you may have trouble sleeping because your baby's kicks and somersaults keep you up. Take comfort: All this moving is a sign that your baby is active and healthy."

I am so proud because as far as weights goes, the babies are all right on track. Wyatt is ahead, but the girls are not too far behind. No wonder I am so super uncomfortable! Jessy Grace ad Wyatt's heads are under my right rib. They are can "turn from side to side" and it seems as they are for sure taking advantage of that. All three babies heads are on the right. Abigail is low laying breech across from right hip to left hip. Wyatt's head is under my right rib/side and his body lays diagonal down to my left hip. And finally Jessy Grace's head is also under my right rib, more in the middle and her feet are on the left side of my stomach. As of now the doctor doesn't see them moving positions all that much, at least their heads will stay in these spots.

Yesterday was super fun, as spring break 2010 visits continued! My cousin Jill came over in the morning and we had a great time just visiting and hanging out. She was great company, and other than the door bell ringing quite a bit, we had a great time! Thank you Jill! Later that afternoon, Jeanette, one of my Mary Kay girlfriends and her baby girl Mikaela came over for a visit. We had such a great time talking "baby" and catching up. Thank you Jeanette for all the wonderful baby gifts too. I especially love the little hats and "boggie wipes!"

Here's to the weekend!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break 2010

I have had a great spring break so far!! We have had family, friends and a great baby report! Monday, my brother Jamie and his wife Erin came for a visit. They got in just in time for lunch and Jamie brought homemade chicken and beef enchiladas. They were goooood!! It was fabulous to visit through the afternoon, and Dad even had a chance to stop by on his way from Dallas to East Texas. It was a great day. Jamie and Erin headed to the store later that evening and had a great pasta dish planned for dinner. My brother is quite the cook! It was super yummy, double baked pasta, salad and garlic bread. He even got mini snicker ice cream bars for dessert and they were scrumpcious! Don't you love how my conversation is about food :)

I enjoyed visiting and hanging out and I am so glad you all came and stayed the night! Thank you for all of your help too around the house Erin! Here are a few pictures of our visit.

Tuesday my friend and former boss Lil came from Austin for a visit too. She also was on Spring Break this week from work and made the trip to Dallas. We had such a wonderful visit. I am totally blessed to have had a fabulous boss and now friend. We watched American Idol and enjoyed a great dinner too. She stayed the night and Jack got us donuts and kolaches this morning for breakfast. Here is a picture before she left. Thank you Lil for coming to hang out with me :)

And now for the great 30 1/2 week report! It is awesome!!! The babies are fantastic, and I am SUCH a proud mommy. All the babies are over 3 pounds. Here are their stats:
Abigail Ruth, 3 pounds 2 ounces
Wyatt Michael, 3 pounds 9 ounces
Jessy Grace, 3 pounds 1 ounce
WOW! 9 pounds, 12 ounces of baby in my belly! It is just amazing! Each babies fluid and anatomy looks great. My cervical length gained some this week, from 2.3 to 2.5 so that is great news too. If I can hold out for another 4.5 weeks these babies will be in good shape, and I can't even imagine how much bigger they will be.
Wyatt was the only show off today. The babies are all so squished in my belly! Kari, our sonographer, tried so hard to get the girls, but Abigail and Jessy Grace were not having it. Jessy Grace at one point had her leg in front of her face...she is practicing her toe-touch! You will not believe the first picture of Wyatt, he is smiling!!
Look at this precious little man!!!!

Little ham!!
I am excited to see more friends and family this week and will continue to lay and bake. We are on the down stretch! Thank you for all of the thoughts, prayers and help!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I receive a daily devotional through my email from a website called It always seems relevant to what I am going through at the time. Today, I thought I would post the devotional as a way to show appreciation for my husband. This story and the components reflect what is going on in our lives right now in some way, and I hope when he reads this he can how grateful I am for him. We both have our faults, but I know God HAD and HAS a great plan, He knew ALL this would happen even before we spoke on the phone from Iraq the first time. It is also awesome to read God's great plan unfolded in this message, and how unconditional His love is for us. Enjoy...

"Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." 1 Corinthians 13:7

When I was pregnant with our second son, Tyler, I was not at my best. Actually, I was a mess. We lived in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, at the time, a lovely but really hot place for a pregnant lady. I was hot all the time and cranked our air-conditioner down so low that condensation formed on the windows. I was huge and uncomfortable.

Tyler ended up being a big baby—9 pounds, 15 ounces—but that doesn't justify the other 40 pounds I gained.I was hungry all the time but easily nauseated, so cooking anything involving raw meat was not an option. I was also tired, so after teaching and getting little Zachary tucked in early, I was done for the day. When trying to go to sleep, I so on became very sensitive to any outside noises, so we nailed several blankets over our windows, attempting to muffle the noise.I pity my husband, Scott, for having to live with me during that pregnancy. Amazingly, he loved me with kindness, patience, and long suffering. Although we joke now that he earned many jewels in his heavenly crown during that pregnancy, I needed to be sure of his love during that time.That's a kind of love that only a husband or wife can give. A love that sees the good, the bad, and the ugly and still says, I love you now, and I'll always love you. I am sure Scott thought then and has thought many times since that he married a crazy lady, but he has loved me unconditionally.

A Christian marriage reflects God's love, a covenant love. God's covenant love does not depend on anything we do or don't do. God's love just is. In the same way, a Christian couple demonstrates this covenant love as they remain committed to each other during hard times. Their commitment does not depend on pleasant circumstances. In other words, their love is not conditional, as so many marriages in today's world are. A covenant love promises, "till death do us part," and perseveres in the hard times.A covenant love, loves always.

Dear Lord, thank You for my spouse. We want a marriage that reflects Your kind of commitment, Lord, the kind that lasts forever. Remind us, especially in the hard times, that we made a promise to each other and to You to be committed for a lifetime. Holy Spirit, please work in me so I will be the first to forgive and the first to say I'm sorry. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Good stuff.
I can't wait to see our babies on Wednesday. Our appointment is at 9:30 am, and we will see growth on each baby and at that time will be 30 1/2 weeks!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

30 Weeks!!!!!!!

Yesterday marked 30 weeks for our pregnancy. We are on the down stretch and I am so grateful. I am staying pretty uncomfortable and not sleeping all that well, however I know mother nature is preparing me for less sleep and early mornings. Here is what has to say about the 30 week mark:

"Your baby's about 15.7 inches long now, and she weighs almost 3 pounds (like a head of cabbage). A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds her, but that volume will decrease as she gets bigger and takes up more room in your uterus. Her eyesight continues to develop, though it's not very keen; even after she's born, she'll keep her eyes closed for a good part of the day. When she does open them, she'll respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision — which means she can only make out objects a few inches from her face. (Normal adult vision is 20/20.)"

I am looking forward to a relaxing and low key weekend with beautiful weather!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today's Visit

Today's report was just ok. Not great, however not horrible because I got to come home, that is always great! My cervical length dropped and after several measurements averaged at 2.3. Baby Abigail was moving so much down low, that it was hard to get a good accurate reading. Dr. Romberg was still satisfied and as she said, gravity and pressure will eventually take their toll and there is nothing that can be done to prevent that. She is still confident I will make it to 35 weeks and each time smile and say "whatever you say." :) She is on Spring Break next week with her kids so I can for sure NOT go into labor next week! I keep telling the babies to settle down and stop causing so much pressure!

I did gain 7 pounds in 2 weeks. She had comments about that, apparently too much in 2 weeks. Here's the deal....I don't have ANY physical activity!!!! From my bed, to the bathroom, to the shower every other day, to my chair at night, to my bed. That's it! How am I supposed to burn the spaghetti I ate for dinner!!??!?! So, I will watch my calorie intake, but good gosh I really don't eat junk food all that often. Occasionally I will crave chicken mcnuggets and fries, but that is not every day or every week :) So far I have gained a total 41 pounds, so although that is a lot I don't feel like it is that bad for cooking 3!!!! Anywho, I may be a little bitter, but I'll get over it. And let me tell you, I can't wait to loose it!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beautiful Days!

Wow, what awesome days we have had here in Royse City! It makes me smile and so excited for spring and summer. Yesterday my Mary Kay Director girlfriends came over to plan the next quarter. We had breakfast (in bed), its a good thing I have a big bed, we planned and then by noon were ready for some fresh air. The weather was amazing and since Mom and Rick brought over lounge chairs, I was able to lay back, hang out with girlfriends and get some sun! It was so fun. We ate lunch on the deck and visited until about 3 and then they left. Jack got home about 5 and he loaded up the lounge chair, the dogs and a cooler and we headed to the pond. It was just so nice to get fresh air ALL day and to be around those I love the most. The dogs had a blast in the pond and Jack enjoyed having me somewhere other than in the bedroom. We came home, he washed the dogs and we camped out watching CSI and American Idol. It was an awesome day!!!

Today, although we had some showers this morning, the weather was awesome this afternoon. Mom came over and brought yummy Arbledos breakfast tacos and did some things around the house. Uncle Jamie sent Mr. Wyatt a package...some really cute clothes! He is ready for football season. Thank you Jamie. Mom and I had lunch and she left this afternoon around 2. When Jack got home he set me up right outside the garage while he "tinkered" and I soaked up so more rays. It was awesome!! If this weather stays like this I can totally do this bedrest thing for another 6 weeks.

I am feeling good. Lots of movement and lots of arms, legs and arms everywhere. The babies bones are harder and stronger, and that is a great thing! We go to the doctor tomorrow and I feel good about the report, and then Friday I will be 30 weeks. WOW, God has truly answered prayers and continues to amaze me on how faithful He is when we honor and glorify Him.

Until tomorrow.....

Friday, March 5, 2010

29 Weeks

We are so glad to have made it this far. Every week seems more assuring that the babies will all be ok when they arrive! They are enjoying the belly for sure! They are moving and kicking all over the place and it seems more and more intense every day. Truly amazing, I just hope they have enough room! Below is what is going on during week 29, according to

"Your baby now weighs about 2 1/2 pounds (like a butternut squash) and is a tad over 15 inches long from head to heel. His muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and his head is growing bigger to make room for his developing brain. To meet his increasing nutritional demands, you'll need plenty of protein, vitamins C, folic acid, and iron. And because his bones are soaking up lots of calcium, be sure to drink your milk (or find another good source of calcium, such as cheese, yogurt, or enriched orange juice). This trimester, about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited in your baby's hardening skeleton each day."

Lot's of calcium....I better drink MORE chocolate milk :)

This weekend many things were accomplished!!! Denise got here on Thursday and was an amazing help around the house and in the nursery. We washed preemie and newborn clothes, along with sheets and blankets. It was so fun to fold the little clothes!!! We also packed a bag for the babies and packed my bag for the hospital. Thank you Denise for ALL of your help, I am so blessed. I ordered a small bookcase that will fit in between 2 beds in the nursery which will give us more room for books, toys, etc. We will be packed from wall to wall, but what can you expect. Jack also brought the toy box inside and put the toys we have already in the box. The stain is beautiful on the toy box and he did a great job. (I will get a picture this week.)

We got a sneak peak on the pictures we took 2 weeks ago. Heather will be sending many more, but here are a few she sent on! She is super talented!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weekly Doctor Report

So every time I go to the doctor I am always concerned for the just don't know! But today was great news! My cervical length went from 2.8 to 3.0!! We were super relieved, as this week has been pretty uncomfortable.

I did start contracting yesterday, but when I called in, the doctor told me to take my medicine she has prescribed every 6 hours and if they did not stop then I would need to come in. I had contractions on and off from about 3 to 4 pm and then they stopped about 20 minutes after I took the medicine. I haven't had any since. Praise God! Every day is important though and we are praying for several more weeks, however it is all in His timing!!! Week by week!

Other than just getting big and uncomfortable, I am doing great. This is week 6 of bed rest so far and I have to say it is not as bad as it could be. First of all when I think of horrible, I think of bed rest in the hospital!!!! Second, I get to visit with so many wonderful people in my life! And third, each day I am reminded that I am not in control of this journey, and the little things don't matter. I have been asking myself a lot 10 years will it really matter?

Tomorrow we will be at week 29! The baking process seems to be going well!