Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today's Visit

Today's report was just ok. Not great, however not horrible because I got to come home, that is always great! My cervical length dropped and after several measurements averaged at 2.3. Baby Abigail was moving so much down low, that it was hard to get a good accurate reading. Dr. Romberg was still satisfied and as she said, gravity and pressure will eventually take their toll and there is nothing that can be done to prevent that. She is still confident I will make it to 35 weeks and each time smile and say "whatever you say." :) She is on Spring Break next week with her kids so I can for sure NOT go into labor next week! I keep telling the babies to settle down and stop causing so much pressure!

I did gain 7 pounds in 2 weeks. She had comments about that, apparently too much in 2 weeks. Here's the deal....I don't have ANY physical activity!!!! From my bed, to the bathroom, to the shower every other day, to my chair at night, to my bed. That's it! How am I supposed to burn the spaghetti I ate for dinner!!??!?! So, I will watch my calorie intake, but good gosh I really don't eat junk food all that often. Occasionally I will crave chicken mcnuggets and fries, but that is not every day or every week :) So far I have gained a total 41 pounds, so although that is a lot I don't feel like it is that bad for cooking 3!!!! Anywho, I may be a little bitter, but I'll get over it. And let me tell you, I can't wait to loose it!


Guido said...

Wow ... triplets ... wow ... the hard work cooking your babies, ... the extreme joy 3 will bring ... wow ... the superlatives (not sure if that's an english word) are swooshing through my mind ... I do not think you sound bitter at all ... I think you're doing awesome ... ! My wife delivering Guusje did an awesome job, ... let alone you delivering three miracles ... ! Good luck to you guys ... and go 35 weeks !!! Take good care, Guido & family. PS: You guys will get to meet them soopn ... ! I found that very exciting ... :)

Lucas and Meghan said...

I gained that much with just one baby. One month I gained 10 pounds..yes, in one month. Crazy!!! I am praying for you and the three little ones. Did you read Wendy's blog?

Christina said...

I think I gained 7 lbs in one week and I wasn't on bedrest. I don't think they take into count the amount of fluid you retain, and let me tell you I can retain some fluid.

The weight will pour off (or maybe out) in no time!