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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beautiful Days!

Wow, what awesome days we have had here in Royse City! It makes me smile and so excited for spring and summer. Yesterday my Mary Kay Director girlfriends came over to plan the next quarter. We had breakfast (in bed), its a good thing I have a big bed, we planned and then by noon were ready for some fresh air. The weather was amazing and since Mom and Rick brought over lounge chairs, I was able to lay back, hang out with girlfriends and get some sun! It was so fun. We ate lunch on the deck and visited until about 3 and then they left. Jack got home about 5 and he loaded up the lounge chair, the dogs and a cooler and we headed to the pond. It was just so nice to get fresh air ALL day and to be around those I love the most. The dogs had a blast in the pond and Jack enjoyed having me somewhere other than in the bedroom. We came home, he washed the dogs and we camped out watching CSI and American Idol. It was an awesome day!!!

Today, although we had some showers this morning, the weather was awesome this afternoon. Mom came over and brought yummy Arbledos breakfast tacos and did some things around the house. Uncle Jamie sent Mr. Wyatt a package...some really cute clothes! He is ready for football season. Thank you Jamie. Mom and I had lunch and she left this afternoon around 2. When Jack got home he set me up right outside the garage while he "tinkered" and I soaked up so more rays. It was awesome!! If this weather stays like this I can totally do this bedrest thing for another 6 weeks.

I am feeling good. Lots of movement and lots of arms, legs and arms everywhere. The babies bones are harder and stronger, and that is a great thing! We go to the doctor tomorrow and I feel good about the report, and then Friday I will be 30 weeks. WOW, God has truly answered prayers and continues to amaze me on how faithful He is when we honor and glorify Him.

Until tomorrow.....

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