Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Thoughts.

Friday night Jack picked up our favorites at Chili's and we enjoyed dinner and a movie. Lots of dinner and movies on Friday nights these days, but I know I shouldn't complain because God knows we won't have very many in the near future. We woke up to the rain and freezing cold on Saturday, which is sad because the weather has been beautiful this past week. The first day of spring however was cold and rainy, and we are anticipating snow! Jack made breakfast, sausage and yummy chocolate chip pancakes!

Some of my awesome family came over on Saturday. Shelly got here around noon and brought homemade chicken spaghetti. It was tasty and will be great this week for leftovers. Aunt Sally, Stephanie and Ty also came over in the afternoon and we had a great visit. It was nice to relax and have them here. Thank you for coming all this way to see me. Love you!

The past 2 days have been the most uncomfortable so far. The babies are really strong and at times it just feels like they are all trying to stand up in my belly. Having a straight back feels the best because it gives the babies more room. Imagine sitting with your back straight, then keeping it straight, not bending it at all. Laying back with a straight back, getting up with a straight back, eating with a straight back, typing with a straight back....try it, see how it works for you. Add 30 pounds and it makes for an uncomfortable setting. It is no longer comfortable to even lay in my chair in the living room, so in the bed all day is where I have stayed. I am trying to tell myself it could be worse, and I know this...I just am not quite sure how exactly this will wear on me for 30 days. We can do it, we can do it!!

So here is my 31 week belly. Notice the head is cut off, the double chin and face swelling are embarrassing!

I am ready to be a mom. I am ready to be out of the bed. I am ready to decide what I eat for dinner and snacks in between. I am praying God gives me a lot of and peace during the next month.

Thank everyone for the thoughts, prayers, words of encouragement and meals! We are so blessed.


Crystal said...

You look great! And I'm sure your face looks great too!;o) Enjoy the quiet right won't get it again for 18 years.

Karen said...

You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Bringing new life into the world is an amazing miracle, and you my dear even more amazing, 3 little miracles!!! I will continue praying for you, Jack, Abigail, Jessie Grace and Wyatt, YOU can do this!!!! Remember Philippians 4:13.

My daughter is having a little boy, due May 26th, this will be our 4th grandson, Brandi's second son, no grand-daughters yet.

Though I've never met you I feel a closeness to you, because I work with Angela Shannon.

I know you are so excited to get your hands on those little bundles of joy and when you do it will all be worth it.
Much blessings, prayers and love in Christ,

Christina said...

You're beautiful! It's hard to feel that way when you don't feel like yourself but you are!