Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or Treat on Main Street

Jack and I dressed the babies, loaded them up and headed to Main Street. We had fun walking around and seeing friends in town, but loved seeing other babies and kids dressed up!!! There were so many families, it is going to be so much fun when the babies get bigger.

Here we are about to head out...

We stopped to take a picture at the Pumpkin Patch! Thank you Adra for helping us get situated!

It's a hard life watching so many people...
But don't worry I am up for dinner!!!

So many more Trick or Treat nights to come...I can't wait!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jessy Grace...

Has 2 TEETH!!!! Oh my gosh, I left for a Mary Kay appointment and came home to my baby girl who has 2 teeth! I am not kidding, there was no out of the ordinary slobber, no fever, not unusual fussiness, just 2 teeth. Grammy discovered them! They are so cute and she is every cuter! I can't seem to get a picture of the new smile, but here is our precious baby girl!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Starting "Real" Food

We started vegetables this week...let the food fun begin. We started with butternut squash and summer squash. It took a little convincing, but all in all they like squash. Each baby likes it a certain way...for instance, Wyatt likes his food nice and warm. Abigail likes the food more liquid, not thick at all and Jessy...well she just likes it all. She is the best eater for sure, ready for the next bite all the time. Next on the menu carrots, sweet potatoes then to the green vegetables.

It's a good thing we have a large table, for now this is our set up. We are excited to get a table soon that will sit them all three together from another triplet family We are so grateful and excited!



If Wyatt is sleepy he will grab his thumb in between bites...I don't know why....a chaser!?!?
Jessy Grace
I am so proud of my little munchkins!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cousins in Town

We had a wonderful time this weekend, when my cousin Cheryl and daughter Kristin and her son Kaden came into town. It was quite the adventure as it was rainy and yucky most of the weekend. BUT, we did not let that stop us from getting out on Saturday. Here are a few pictures before we left...

Kristin and Abigail

Kaden and Wyatt are buds! Kaden calls Wyatt "the blue one." Hehe..

The girls playing...

I sure wish I had pictures from our outing on was quite the scene with 3 infants and toddler and 3 adults. We were outnumbered for sure! We dodged the rain as we went in and out of shops and ended up at our family favorite Fish Camp for dinner. Here is Kristin feeding the little man his dinner too...
And finally I hate to even post the picture of my girls in boys clothes, BUT it's the only picture of, here are my girls dressed in what used to fit Wyatts' pj's.
Sunday we headed to church and then to meet the ladies in the DeWitt family for lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Dallas.
Here are Mimi and Abigail

Sweet Aunt Sassy and Jessy Grace

And then Aunt Missie entertaining Wyatt...
We had a wonderful weekend with family and I am so grateful they were able to make the trip from Houston to visit!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday Fun

After the 6 month check up yesterday, Denise and I decided to head out in Rockwall with the babies and do some shopping. We found this precious store called Fairytale & Frogs that had some ridiculously cute things!!!

We met Dad at a park for lunch and enjoyed eating and feeding the babies there. Abigail is posing in her ruffle shorts.

We then headed to the Farmer’s Market to load up on lots of veggies to make for the babies!
It was fun outing and a great way to spend a Friday afternoon! The babies loved shopping for groceries.

6 Months Old

Well I am just a few days behind the "real" date, October 7th....BUT none the less, here is the 6 month check up and stats!

The babies are changing every day, it is really unbelievable! It is so much fun to wake up and find throughout the day something different they are doing. They are such a fun age. I am trying to really enjoy each and every moment, knowing I will blink and they will be in kindergarten. Here are a few things they are ALL doing: rolling over and moving their legs back and forth, reaching and grabbing toys, laughing out loud, smiling when you talk to them, blowing bubbles and making noises with their mouths, “talking” to each other, sleeping through the night, eating rice cereal and oatmeal morning and night, sitting up with support… and much more to come!!

Thursday the babies had their 6 month check up and shots. Here is the train going into the doctor’s office!

Whew, the shots are so sad, BUT the babies get an A+ report on their health, weight and development. All the babies are on the charts with weight, not in the highest percentile, but for preemies they are on track for their age. Here are their stats:
Abigail, 13 pounds 8 ounces
Wyatt , 16 pounds 13 ounces
Jessy Grace, 13 pounds 10 ounces

Abigail is such a talker, a really happy and good natured baby. She talks, and talks, and talk and talks….and laughs and just lights up when you walk toward her. She is so funny and definitely keeps us smiling when things are crazy. She is rolling over both ways with no problem and is starting to move her legs back and forth. She loves to laugh and play and her big blue eyes will just melt your heart. She is so funny and her Daddy calls her his “blue eyed baby girl.” Out of the 3 Abigail is the most easy going I would say…she is laid back and always seems content.

Even though Wyatt is only 16 pounds he feels so much heavier. He is solid for sure and looks like a little boy in the face. He thinks it is so funny when you say the work “squeeze” and “kick, kick,” and loves to kick his legs when he is in his swing or on the play mat. He is rolling over both ways, but much better at rolling from his belly to his back. He finds his thumb when he is going to sleep or is getting sleepy, and while at the beginning I tried to replace with a pacifier, I gave up when I had no control over it at night. For the most part he stays happy! Just look at this smile!!!

Jessy Grace, oh Jessy Grace. She is the most precious little one you’ve ever seen…but quite the drama queen. She is so strong, her legs are solid and she is always jumping or wants to stand up. She has this fake cry she belts out when she wants attention and usually is perfectly content being held or being talked to. She is so serious and has learned at an early age how to glare at her Daddy to get what she wants. When she grins you just want to kiss her all over though, and her eyes are still changing colors but are sort of a green/grey. Jessy also has a stuffed puppy dog that she loves to sleep with for naps and at night. She is a good sleeper and my prediction is she will be sitting up first.

All three babies are sitting well in their bumbo seats and are getting stronger by the day. We are working now on getting them to sit up on their own, they aren’t too far away. We are starting vegetables this week, we will see how it goes!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Texas Teams

So exciting!!! The Rangers are headed to the World Series! Congratulations Rangers, I dressed up just for you!

So let me ask, Nolan about buying the Cowboys?!?

Gotta love our Texas teams! Go Cowboy, Go Rangers!

State Fair Babies

We were so excited to know that Ken Sheppa, our friend and photographer, entered one of the newborn pictures of the triplets. He had never entered a contest before, but took 2nd place at the State Fair of Texas! We didn't make it to the State Fair this year, BUT Jack and I got a lot of text messages with this picture included.

We aren't proud parents or anything.... ;)

Just a Little Fun...

I left to go to the Royse City Chamber Luncheon on Tuesday, and while I was networking received 3 of the cutest pictures from one of the bestest babysitters ever!! Chrystel and Mimi watched the babies and I enjoyed meeting business and friends of the Chamber.



Jessy Grace

Here is a video I have been meaning to upload from another time:

Power of Prayer

Many of you who have followed my blog have seen the evidence in the power of prayer. I need everyone who checks our blog this second to please stop and pray for a dear friend of mine who is pregnant with multiples. She is waiting for a procedure that may save the life of 2 of her babies. She is at peace with what God has planned, however I ask you say a prayer for the family and the wisdom of the doctor during the procedure and that God's will be done. Thank you.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Farmer's Market

We decided another day outing was needed! This weather, can I just say A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! We went to church, and afterwards got sandwiches and headed back to the park in Royse City. We ate lunch, fed the babies and enjoyed relaxing on the blanket!

Here is Daddy making the girls laugh!
Yeah, they are all looking at the camera!!!
We headed to downtown Dallas to the Farmer’s Market where we thought it would be fun to check out what was all was being sold, as well as a great place to take the babies on quite the walk. They LOVED it and we loved it too! We took the double and single stroller, and although it was quite the load, was easier to manage on the sidewalks in and around people.
We got lots of fruits and veges and I know Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace were entertained. We fed them before we left and headed back home.

What a fun weekend for this family of 5. I feel a hint of Independence in my blood!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Fun

Today was close to perfect! Wonderful weather, happy babies and a great town to do fun things close by. After the morning feeding Jack lined the babies up and played with them in their Bumbo seats...we added the trays today to see how they would do. They are doing a great job with hand/eye coordination and really grabbing for things and holding on well.

Jack also got this inch worm toy that moves and makes sound yesterday while he was out. They thought it was the funniest thing! Every time he would point it towards Abigail she would grab it and try to stop it...with her left hand no less! They watched the singing inch worm for a good 20 minutes...quite entertaining.

We got the babies dressed after their morning nap and headed downtown to Main Street in Royse City. We first went to the park where we feed the babies at noon. They LOVED laying on the blanket and enjoyed the nice breeze.

Abigail is ready for lunch!!

Wyatt is waiting his turn...

And after they ate they were ready to play!

Abigail..."OK sis, if you roll that way, I'll roll this way and then..."

Jessy Grace...."No, that's not a good idea, come on sis, let's do something else..."

Yeah, a smile on camera....they all smile but getting all three on camera is close to impossible!

After the babies lunch Jack and I decided our favorite Mexican restaurant was calling our name, Arbeledos. We drove around and hit a few garage sales so the babies would settle and snooze before we got into the restaurant. As you can see they ALL went ahead and took advantage of their car ride and napped while we ate...perfect!

We got the stroller out and cruised Main Street in hopes of a few good pictures at the Pumpkin Patch. Everyone ready....

Wyatt says "Mom....another dang picture...."

"Yes," Abigail said....
This was as good as it gets in the Pumpkins. It was hard to get them all situated and not get them too mad at me. I'm sure there will be other years for fun pumpkin pictures!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Overnight with Family

Wednesday morning we packed up after the 8 am feeding and headed to my Aunt Sally (aka Aunt Sassy) and Uncle Jimmy's house. Aunt Sally helped so much with the babies when they were first born and also was a pediatric nurse so it is great to helpful advice from her. It was cool when we got out, so I had to try to new BabyLegs Aunt Katie got the girls...and it's official, I'm obsessed with dressing them for the day. I absolutely LOVE it! My dear friend Chrystel also the girls these precious hats at Canton, they had to wear those too!
Abigail is all about her feet and toes so she loves her BabyLegs!

My cousin Stephanie also just had a baby boy just a few months ago, Tristan, so we had to get them all together and play! We arrived by the noon feeding on Wednesday and hung out at Aunt Sassy's.

Steph brought some of her baby toys for the trips, they enjoyed playing on new stuff. Jessy Grace loved the neat boundy seat!

Ty and Tanner came over to play and before we knew it there were the same about of kids as their were adults.
Uncle Jimmy grilled out yummy chicken and BBQ ribs. By the end of the day the babies were worn out! It was not much after 7:30 and they were ready for bed.
Thursday morning Aunt Sally thought it would be fun to get out...and I am not ever really opposed to that, especially when there are more than 2 adults!! So, we loaded the babies and headed to a great outdoor shopping area in Southlake. It was a beautiful day, so we took a blanket, grabbed lunch and enjoyed the nice weather.
Jessy Grace, Wyatt, Abigail, Tristan

While were having lunch I asked what the thoughts were on getting the girls ear pierced. I had helpers who were in, and felt like today was the day. The girls did well, they cried, but not for too long and as soon as we started strolling they were asleep. I was nervous about how it would all work, but it really wasn't too terrible.
Here a few pictures of that adventure.

Jessy Grace is done, it's Abigail's turn...
I won't go into much detail for that's done and the girls look precious with their earrings and won't ever have to do it again ;)
We had a great over night stay with family. I am so blessed to have family close by and willing to help, plus is really helps break the weeks up and not get so monotonous for us all. I think we might do it again in the near future!