Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Sunday, October 3, 2010


We have had this weekend planned for quite some time, but I don’t think we knew exactly to expect until it all took place. My Dad, brother Dillon, the triplets and I planned a trip to The Woodlands to see my brother Jamie and his wife Erin as well as visit Aunt Jane.

The trip started Friday morning when Dad came into Royse City around 10 am, and after contemplating on exactly how we planned to pack and get everything to Houston, started to loading up. We went back and forth between my Tahoe and his truck. The truck would have been great storage, but super cramped driving, however the storage with a person sitting in the back row in the Tahoe would not give us much storage. So, we opted for the Tahoe and loaded up with a carriage Dad brought that hitched to the back which made things a lot easier for sure.

We fed babies about 11:30 and were on our way. We got to Ft. Worth to get Dillon about 2 pm and off we went to Houston. Unfortunately we didn’t make it far, and the babies were hungry again. We got to Corsicana and it was time to stop. We decided a good rest point would be Collins Street Bakery, home of the famous fruitcakes…and after a few tries on the right exit we were there!

So, imagine this, Dad, Dillon, I and three infants walking into this Bakery…you can just imagine the looks.

I’m pretty sure, no I AM sure, people thought I was the wife and dad was the husband. Dad is for sure getting a shirt that says, “I’m the Grandpa” for Christmas. It was quite entertaining. We fed babies, burped babies, changed babies and about an hour later were loaded back up. Oh, did I mention we still had about 3 hours to go until we were at Aunt Jane’s house in Houston!?! Oh, and did I mention it was my Dad’s BIRTHDAY!! Can I just say, AWESOME
Dad! What a way to spend his birthday lugging all of us around….but I do think he enjoyed it!

We arrive at Aunt Jane’s and had a wonderful dinner honoring Dad’s birthday. Dad and Dillon headed to Jamie’s high school football game, and the trips and I crashed! We woke up refreshed Saturday morning and got several cute pictures!

Saturday morning we loaded everyone up again and went to Jamie and Erin’s home.

They live on a nice piece of land and have a great house. We enjoyed visiting, relaxing, watching football of course! Jamie grilled fajitas and we watched the movie Blindside. The babies were worn out! They went right to sleep around 8 and slept until 9 the next morning.
Here is Poppa playing..

And Abigail laughing at Uncle Bubbi

Brothers and fabulous Uncles!

We came home Sunday afternoon and the trip was much smoother. We made a straight shot into Dallas then to Royse City and even though it was past the babies normal eating time, they did great and made the trip like champs!

I have learned a lot in my life, and realized a lot now that I am a mother. And, I have always known how much my parents love and want to protect me. BUT, this trip was defining in the unconditional love and quality time my Dad makes for his kids. He could have complained and gripped about going all over DFW to get his kids and grandkids, or he could have made comments about setting up the pack n plays for the babies to sleep in, or breaking down Wyatt’s swing again and again. BUT, no he was the most amazing and patient father and I am so grateful my children are able to learn and be loved by someone as great as he is! We had a great trip, believe it or not relaxing, and it was wonderful to spend time with my Dad, brothers and my babies.


Psalm112 said...

Where did you get their precious car seat covers?

The Davises said...

Your Dad is Great!! I wish i would have known yall were here in town... I am soo upset that the Doctor has decided that i don't need to do any traveling for the rest of the pregnancy I really wanted to come see yall!! Hopefully after Rylan gets here I will be able to come up and see yall!! Love you all and give the babies a kiss for me!