Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend family friends, Tyler and Sarah came from northwest Arkansas to visit and meet the babies! We had such a fun time visiting, relaxing and we out numbered the babies which was great!

Sarah is such a great baby lover. She was so wonderful with all of them, however Abigail had a special place in her heart :) Abigail just loved being with Sarah and the two were so precious together.

Saturday night Kathy and David had a fish fry so we loaded up and headed to their house for good food and company. Tyler got Wyatt little shoes to match his camo overalls, and I would have to say he looked pretty darn cute!

I had to zoom in on Jessy Grace! She is such a poser. We do NOT position her like this, she just does cute little poses like this ALL the time. You gotta love it!

I hadn't had a picture with all three of the babies in a while, so it was mommy's turn to get the famous picture. Little big man, aka Wyatt, is really starting to take up room!

The babies did well, they had lots of people to love on them and for sure by the 10 o'clock feeding they were out! We bathed them when we got home and they slept for what I called "through the night," from 11 pm to 5:15 am. WOW, the longer hours of sleep was amazing. Sunday we went to church and then headed to our favorite restaurant, Fish Camp.

We had a great weekend and are so glad that Tyler and Sarah were able to come visit and be with the babies through the weekend. We miss you already and hope you come back soon!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wyatt Michael

Wyatt is quite the little man. The 3 pounds he has over the girls really is a difference! He seems to me a little more mature than the girls, but don't worry they are not far behind.

Jack figured out that he really likes this position. The corner of the couch, he just likes to sit up and see what is going on....however sometimes he gets bored and falls right to sleep.

Wyatt loves to watch his mobile in his bed and is really starting to gain more focus when he looks at things. He is also following an object which is really amazing. He is very alert. Obviously he is a healthy weight, and he is also very strong.

Wyatt has been smiling for some time, but lately it has been almost a laugh out loud. I can't get over how sweet he is and both Mimi and I can both talk to him for quite a while.

Here is the great treat and blessing I have every day of staying home with my angels. Enjoy.

Special People

I have a few fun pictures I have to post. Most of them are random and in no order, but still super special.

Jack's grandmother came last Sunday for an overnight stay. She was heading to Houston to visit her sister, so Granny came to Royse City on the way. We were SO glad she was able to see the babies, and she got a kick out of holding and feeding them. How amazing it is that our babies have 2 Great Grandmothers to love on them!
Here is my special friend Lezlee. When you think about someone who is dependable and just a woman of integrity and filled with kindess, Lezlee comes to mind. I took the girls to our church ladies night out this past weekend and we got a great shot of her and Jessy Grace.
Cousin Ty had a great time feeding Mr. Wyatt and was so much help when he came to visit. Ty will be a great big brother so soon, and he had a good time holding all the babies with the help of the Boppy pillow.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day & First Time at Church

We had a WONDERFUL Father's Day. I can't speak for Jack, but I had a great day and I think he did as well. It was a relaxing day, for what our definition of relaxing is, and the babies all did great!

Our strategic plan to get to church was quite the conversation all week. Our plan was put to shame, go figure, when the babies slept until 4 am Sunday morning. Ha talk about a humility lesson. BUT, it ALL worked out. We went to first service and were greeted by our dear friends David, Lezlee and Maddie. We got the babies inside the church and the viewing began. I don't do well with the attention, but I am just going to have to get over's going to be like this for quite some time. Our church family was so glad to meet the babies they had prayed over for so long...and Jack and I were definitely proud parents. The babies slept through the entire service and did well even with the noise and music.

I had tried over and over to take picture of the babies and their cute outfits, and it seemed every time we wanted to they were sleeping, or getting in their car seats or being fussy. SO, I just opted for the fussy pictures and here is what I got. Their cute socks were kicked off and hair bows somewhere, so this is as good as it gets.
It looks like the girls are smiling....not so much :)

After the 2 pm feeding we decided to head to a late lunch/early dinner. It seemed the best time for the crowd and we knew the babies would sleep. We headed to one of Jack's favorite restaurants, Fish Camp in Royse City. Our meal was fabulous and it was so fun to go as a family for the first time on Father's Day.

Thank you Jack for being a wonderful father. For the love, support and sanity you provide me on a daily basis. You are a blessing to our babies and I can't wait for many more memories and Father's Day's to come. Overall, this first time Daddy had a great day.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Million Dollar Questions...

So over the course of my pregnancy, and now that we have three, there are 2 questions that I get quite often. There are different versions of these questions, so here are some examples, and I hope my answers help some of our followers and their curiosity :)

1. Were you planning to have three? Do triplets run in your family? Did you do fertility?
2. Are those triplets!?! (Make sure you when you say the word triplets you SOUND it out!) Wow, are those triplets? Man you have your hands full with three.

So, here are the answers.

1. No, Jack and I were not "planning" to have three babies. A condition called polysistic ovarian syndrome prevented me from ovulating on a normal basis. After almost a year of trying my doctor recommended we try an oral medicine called clomid. She warned me that if the first dose took there is a chance for multiples, but as I remember the statistics it was a 6-7% chance of twins and less than 1% chance for triplets. (She didn't even tell us the triplet part, just the twin part. We found out the triplet statistic at our first OB appointment). Anywho, after 1 pill of the smallest dose, 8 weeks later we had 3 babes. When I found out I was pregnant I had a feeling I was having twins. Don't ask me why...just a feeling. And, multiples do run on my side of the family so our chances were higher there. So, there you invetro or shots, however a little help to get going...obviously it worked, AND I would not want it any other way!! God has this plan already in his book way before we did.

2. YES they ARE triplets!! No I don't run a day care with matching car seats. People really do crack me up. I have to share this cartoon I found and hope you get a nice laugh.

So there you have it....for the curious cats out there I hope this helps.

Friday, June 11, 2010

First Roadtrip!

It was a fun filled weekend. The process started several days early with an action plan to pack everyone and get to Hughes Springs. With the help of my cousin Shelly, we loaded all of our stuff and headed East after the 6 am feeding. Here is our haul!!

We got to Hughes Springs Friday by 10 am and the babies were ready to eat. When we go there Jamie and Erin were already there, as well as Misty and Will. Dad and Denise had the house ready for the babies with playmats, swings and toys. We set up the pack and plays so the babies would have a place to sleep and we starting feeding them….they said they loved Nanny & Poppa’s house!

Jack and I snuck away for a few hours and headed to Mt. Pleasant. We visited a few of our favorite stores and I also go my hair chopped off! Before I was pregnant last fall I had decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love, and then with the prenatal vitamins the hair grew super fast. I got 11 inches cut off! Here is a picture before it was styled for the short cut.

Friday evening we had hamburgers. Jack went fishing and I took and nap and just relaxed. Denise, Dad, Jamie and Erin did the Friday/Saturday morning feedings….wow to sleep through the night! It was awesome. Jack and I both woke up Saturday morning like new people.

Saturday afternoon we relaxed at the pool most of the afternoon, with cool water, music and cold beverages in hand we enjoyed each others company and conversation. Saturday night we grilled steaks and hung out, with wine in hand! Aunt Robin came over Saturday evening to help feed and came back with her family on Sunday. We had a great time with family and loved the extra hands for the weekend.

Here is the famous triplet picture with Poppa, Nanny and Aunt Robin.

And, Misty with Will and baby Abigail. Will was excited about the 3 babies, but then was not so sure when we got there!!

Overall it was a nice weekend. We were grateful for the time, help and relaxation! The babies were pretty worn out when we got home, and I think were glad to sleep in their cozy beds.

Monday, June 7, 2010

2 Months Old

WOW, where the heck did the time go!?!?! I can't believe the babies are now 2 months old. It seems like it has gone by so fast and they are growing out of their clothes quicker than I can change the sizes out of the dresser. They did great at their 2 month check up. Shots were ok, of course who likes shots, but the babies reacted fairly well and slept most of the afternoon.

Here are the stats on our 2 month old miracles...

Abigail is our expression filled baby. I call her “chatty Abby” because she is constantly talking…even when her eyes are closed and she is headed to bed. She makes “squeaky” noises, and makes this sound like the Lion on Wizard of Oz before he gets his courage. If you are around long enough Jack or I can imitate. Abigail loves to smile, and enjoys her swing. At her 2 month appointment she weighed, 7 pounds 12.5 ounces.

Wyatt is such a big boy. He weighs 10 pounds 5 ounces and is growing by the day!!! He is very alert and loves to be talked to. His head is big and his checks are great to kiss. His eyelashes are super long and his hair is really starting to grow. He is holding his head up really well and smiles at you when he feels like it. He is a little fussy at times, but who can’t love this face!!!

Jessy Grace weighs 7 pounds 10 ounces. She is little snug bug and her favorite position is on someone’s chest, instant sleep! She also loves a conversation and enjoys laying on the Bobby pillow. She is sleeping pretty well on her wedge contraption from the hospital and her medicine seems to be helping her acid reflux, so she is enjoying eating a much more. Her features are stunning and her eyelashes are so long.

Amazing!!!! We are so blessed to have such happy healthy babies, AND even more blessed for the prayers and support of our family, church and friends!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jessy Grace

The past 24 hours have been every emotion wrapped into one. Parts of the day seem to go by in a flash and others time just crawled by.

Friday morning started off as normal as it could be. Jack and I did the 6 am feeding, he left for work and I went back to sleep until about 9. I made bottles, made myself breakfast and my cousin Shelly got here about 9:45 am. We starting feeding the babies, I fed Jessy Grace and Shelly fed Wyatt. Abigail was still asleep. The feedings went well....we changed their diapers, clothes....all things normal. My friends from the Chamber stopped by to see if they could help at all during the 10 am feeding.

Julia was holding Jessy Grace just talking to her and cuddling with her. All of sudden she threw up practically her entire bottle. I was in the kitchen already washing bottles and from afar, noticed she was ok, so I told Julia to pat her on the back. I looked up and she had milk coming out of her nose. I grabbed the bulb syringe to start trying to remove to milk from her mouth and her nose...even though I was doing that she not breathing at all. She started to get really stiff and her face quickly turned a purplish blue color. I hit her back to try to get the airway clear, nothing....Connie called 911 immediately and after seeing the color of Jessy's face getting worse and worse I knew I had to do infant CPR.

We learned CPR as part of our discharge class at Baylor. Thank GOD!!! I took her to the living room, gave her 1 breath...then chest compressions. Nothing. I gave another breath, chest compressions and she coughed. I was able to use the bulb syringe to get the junk from her mouth and after I did that she cried. She was breathing!!!! I got as much of the milk from her mouth and nose. She cried for just a few seconds and got quiet again and turned the whitest of white I have ever seen. Her skin was hot, and even though she was breathing she seemed extremely lethargic. I took her clothes off and we put cold wash rags on her body until help arrived.

While all this is going on the EMS is LOST!!!!!!!! Shelly had called Jack and he was walking in the door, Julia was outside trying to see if she could see the ambulance, and what seemed like eternity, they finally arrived. After the EMT listened to her lungs she thought it was best to go ahead on to the hospital. We put her in her car seat and they loaded her up in the ambulance. Jack took the other 2 in the Tahoe, and I rode with Jessy Grace. Her vitals the entire way there were fine. She slept the entire way and hardly moved.

In the ER they did an x-ray on her lungs and did a complete exam. There was no sign on fluid in her lungs which was a good thing, because if there was fluid, she may have come down with pneumonia. The plan however to keep her over a 24 hour period for observation.

The final outcome was that she may have had a bug which caused her to get sick, however with a stuffy nose and the doctor diagnosing her with acid reflux, it made for a bad combination. While in the hospital room, she did well. At first she did not eat much and of course slept the entire time. By the 2 o'clock feeding on Saturday she was eating better and seemed to feel much better. The doctor prescribed medication to help with the acid reflux, and also sent her home with a "wedge and harness" contraption. This is for her bed in hopes that if she happens to vomit in her sleep she will be in an upright position, and being in a more upright position helps control the reflux overall.

Here are a few pictures from her 24 hour stay at Children's Medical Center in Dallas.

Here is what we wedge looks like that she sleeps on. Is she not the most perfect angel you have ever seen!!

I am so grateful for the people who were there by God's plan on Friday. My cousin Shelly, friends Julia Bryant and Connie Taylor. David and Kathy Bolton who stayed with Jack and the other babies on Friday night, and Lezlee and Jeff Berry who not only were there for support, but also to send the prayer requests through the town. I am so glad my Mom and Dad were there for support and know that on this day God has his hand again on our family.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Great Grand Mimi

Let me just say, my Mimi is such a champ! It is amazing that my grandmother has the health and strength to help take care of the babies. Mimi got to our house Tuesday morning and I was able head to my Director meeting in Plano. Our sweet friend Kathy also came over to help with the 10 am feeding that day. There was a change in volunteer plans so Mimi offered to stay another night. It is so helpful to have anothe set of hands. Thank you Mimi, you are wonderful.

Let me just tell you that listening to my sweet Mimi talk to these babes. Wow, I wish I could start to think of the fun things she has to say to them. I think her and Wyatt have a secret language, he just listens to her....awesome.

We took the famous triplet picture with Mimi and a picture with their sunflower head bands.

I am so grateful to have my grandmother during this special time!

First Local Roadtrip

We took an excursion and headed to Dallas for the day. The pest control guy came today and I wanted to get out of the house! After the 6 am feeding, I put the babies down and Mimi and I got all the "stuff" situated. I really tried to bring the basics, but as you can see, this is what we ended up with.
Ha, they were loaded up and did great! We got to my moms by the 10 o'clock feeding and all went well. Today was a good day, wow they did awesome and slept so well between the 2 and 6 o'clock feeding. They told me they were so excited to sleep together so I let them. This is what I came up with.

We left after the 6 pm feeding and my awesome girlfriends Lezlee, Meredith and their girls were here to help get the house back in order and get the babies going on the 10 pm feeding. We have such amazing people in our life....thank you!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Around the Block

Call in the paparrazi....around the block we go! So fun though to get out of the house and get the babies in some fresh air! I had cabin fever for sure, whew and it was good to get some exercise. Here we are out the door.
The Cadillac Stroller did well and it's wheels were sturdy.....I know will get good use. The front wheel really needs to be a swivel though, you have to pick up the front and turn. Several couples stopped to peek, and one lady yelled from her porch, "are those triplets?" Good gosh people....YES, isn't it obvious. I guess not.....hmmm....then she wanted to take a picture. No worries she took it from afar, hilarious.

The babies did great! They all feel right asleep and told me later that night, they were glad to get out.