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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Friday, June 11, 2010

First Roadtrip!

It was a fun filled weekend. The process started several days early with an action plan to pack everyone and get to Hughes Springs. With the help of my cousin Shelly, we loaded all of our stuff and headed East after the 6 am feeding. Here is our haul!!

We got to Hughes Springs Friday by 10 am and the babies were ready to eat. When we go there Jamie and Erin were already there, as well as Misty and Will. Dad and Denise had the house ready for the babies with playmats, swings and toys. We set up the pack and plays so the babies would have a place to sleep and we starting feeding them….they said they loved Nanny & Poppa’s house!

Jack and I snuck away for a few hours and headed to Mt. Pleasant. We visited a few of our favorite stores and I also go my hair chopped off! Before I was pregnant last fall I had decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love, and then with the prenatal vitamins the hair grew super fast. I got 11 inches cut off! Here is a picture before it was styled for the short cut.

Friday evening we had hamburgers. Jack went fishing and I took and nap and just relaxed. Denise, Dad, Jamie and Erin did the Friday/Saturday morning feedings….wow to sleep through the night! It was awesome. Jack and I both woke up Saturday morning like new people.

Saturday afternoon we relaxed at the pool most of the afternoon, with cool water, music and cold beverages in hand we enjoyed each others company and conversation. Saturday night we grilled steaks and hung out, with wine in hand! Aunt Robin came over Saturday evening to help feed and came back with her family on Sunday. We had a great time with family and loved the extra hands for the weekend.

Here is the famous triplet picture with Poppa, Nanny and Aunt Robin.

And, Misty with Will and baby Abigail. Will was excited about the 3 babies, but then was not so sure when we got there!!

Overall it was a nice weekend. We were grateful for the time, help and relaxation! The babies were pretty worn out when we got home, and I think were glad to sleep in their cozy beds.

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