Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend family friends, Tyler and Sarah came from northwest Arkansas to visit and meet the babies! We had such a fun time visiting, relaxing and we out numbered the babies which was great!

Sarah is such a great baby lover. She was so wonderful with all of them, however Abigail had a special place in her heart :) Abigail just loved being with Sarah and the two were so precious together.

Saturday night Kathy and David had a fish fry so we loaded up and headed to their house for good food and company. Tyler got Wyatt little shoes to match his camo overalls, and I would have to say he looked pretty darn cute!

I had to zoom in on Jessy Grace! She is such a poser. We do NOT position her like this, she just does cute little poses like this ALL the time. You gotta love it!

I hadn't had a picture with all three of the babies in a while, so it was mommy's turn to get the famous picture. Little big man, aka Wyatt, is really starting to take up room!

The babies did well, they had lots of people to love on them and for sure by the 10 o'clock feeding they were out! We bathed them when we got home and they slept for what I called "through the night," from 11 pm to 5:15 am. WOW, the longer hours of sleep was amazing. Sunday we went to church and then headed to our favorite restaurant, Fish Camp.

We had a great weekend and are so glad that Tyler and Sarah were able to come visit and be with the babies through the weekend. We miss you already and hope you come back soon!

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Sarah said...

AWWWWW!! We miss you all very much also! We are already planning our next trip!!!