Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Arkansas Trip

We were not able to see Jack's family in December 2011, so we decided to make a trip up to see everyone in January.

Let me just start by saying a 5.5 hour trip turned into a 9 hour trip getting there. We had to stop to look at the cows, to change diapers, to else we had to do in order to stay sane. The babies were not enjoying the ride to say the least, but we managed, we made it and the rest of the trip was great!

We stayed at Tyler and Sarah's house in Bella Vista. They are such a special couple...wonderful people who love not only Jack and I, but the babies with all thier heart! We are so grateful for thier friendship.

Saturday was a packed day. We headed out right after breakfast to pick up Granny, Jack's grandmother. We saw her new home and visited with some of her neighbors, then spent quite a bit of the afternoon with Aunt Sherry & Jerry. They live in a beautiful home in the hills and have a lot of land with horses and cows. The babies LOVED getting close to the animals, and enjoyed running around the property.

We then headed to Jack's brothers John & his wife Christina's home for lunch and again to be outside. They have a trampoline and playset, so the babies were oh so happy. Plus with Kelley and Kacey there to play, they had it made!

That evening we had dinner with over 20 people at a catfish place in Betonville. We had a great time visting with everyone and getting a chance to see as many people as we possibly could. Being there such a short time is hard, but we did what we could with the time we had.

When we got home we ended the long day with fun at Tyler and Sarah's house. We read books and played with Decoy the puppy. Here are a few pictures we captured.

Aunt Sarah reading a book...

Getting Mommy with kisses!

Aunt Sarah needs kisses too!!

Sunday we attended Tyler and Sarah's church which was awesome! The babie's enjoyed the nursery and Jack and I were excited to meet Ty and Sarah's friends in Christ.

We were very blessed with a safe and fun weekend. While we were exhausted coming back, we got smart and purchased DVD players...therefore making it an easier trip for us and the babies on the way home. Instead of 9 hours, it only took 7!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happt New Year 2012

Happy New Year...
What a difference a year makes!

We spent New Years with my Dad's side of the family - eatting, visiting, opening gifts and just being with one another. There is nothing better than the love of a family.

I am grateful.