Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dr. Romberg & Sandra's House

I had my yearly appointment with Dr. Romberg today and wanted to take the babies along so she and our amazing sonographer friend Carrie could see in person how amazingly big and healthy they are. Our dear family friend, Sandra…also known as “Gran-sie” lives really close to the doctor’s office, so I decided she might be a good person to hang out with for all of this fun. She was so excited and we did have a lot of fun!

The fun part for the day was scheming how exactly we were going to do everything, however it all seemed worth it and went over pretty well. So, while I was in my appointment with Dr. Romberg Sandra drove around the area so they would continue to stay sleeping. Then when I was about to leave I called her and we met in the parking lot. I decided the Triple Decker stroller was too much work for such a quick visit to see our friends, so I decided we would just carry them in. Perfect idea! We unstrapped the car seat belts, left purses and diaper bags behind and headed inside.

Dr. Romberg couldn't believe how big they had gotten! She was able to get them all in her lap for a quick pic.

After the appointment it was feeding time again, so we loaded back up and went back to Gran-sie’s house. After their feeding we played for a bit, but our next goal, I mean stop....was to Babies R Us. Here is Sandra having fun with her favorite babies...

I had things to take back to Babies R Us, things to look at, stuff to buy and was way too close to the store not to go. Sandra and I loaded back up and down the street we went. After a quick bit to eat in the Chicken Express parking lot we got the Triple Decker stroller out and into the store we went. Sandra insisted on pushing the stroller, which was fine…however I swear everyone who gave us the usual double take thought she was my Nanny. Oh, well…she was a huge help, and I could NOT have gotten the shopping done that I needed to without her. There was not really a way I could look how I wanted to and push the stroller at the same time. It was fun!
After Babies R Us, I wanted to go to the mall to take back another item AND search for some leggings for the girls. We didn’t have too much time until the next feeding so we were on a mission. The trip to the mall was the first for the babies, and overall they did well. Lots of stares, questions and comments of course…but I let Sandra handle most of the comments, she was great at it! We had a fun day and of course were worn out at the end, but it was all worth it.
We headed home before 5 pm traffic got crazy….Another successful outing in the books. I think I am getting this down!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Girls Slumber Party at Grammy and Pop Pop's

This past weekend Jack and I did our ultimate tag teaming with the babies! I’m sure there have been other weekends, but this was one exceptional in my book. Maybe we are just getting it all down. We have for sure realized that without teamwork, the whole multiple thing doesn’t work and how much easier it is when we can work together with them, and on occasion get things accomplished in and around the house.

I had 2 Mary Kay appointments this weekend, one being at our house. I am so blessed to have a business that allows me to work in and around my family. Friday night Madi helped Jack while I was away and the Saturday morning I headed to the store during the babies morning nap and held a Mary Kay party during the afternoon nap. That evening Jack took the girls to meet my mom and for the first time they were going to spent the night away! My mom and Rick were so excited to have just the 2 of them stay and from what I could see and hear had a great time.

Aunt Alex and Clay were even able to come visit.

Jack and I just had Mr. Wyatt Saturday night and Sunday and boy was that a change!! He was super easy to take care of and I know got lots of attention. Our time frame was also not near as crunched. For example, we took him to church and normally to be at church by 9:15 am, we get up at 7 to get ourselves ready first and then get the babies fed, dressed etc. This Sunday we woke up and 8:30 and were there in plenty of time! It was great!

Sunday was a full day of organizing the garage with 2 goals in mind. 1. Allowing me access to the attic without Jack’s help moving things out of the way and 2. So that we can walk in, out and around without tripping on something. We pulled everything, and I mean everything out of the garage and onto our driveway. I’m sure our neighbors enjoyed looking at all of our junk…I mean stuff, as it was dragged out. We moved shelving, moved freezers, a refrigerator and lots, lots more….BUT the finished product, 7 hours later, a clean and organized garage…what a relief!!

Jack and I headed to dinner that evening and then met Mom half way to get the girls. They were ready for bed and once we got home everyone went right to sleep. I am thinking an overnight stay every now and then is a great idea! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekend Getaway

We have had this New Braunfels weekend trip planned for some time, and I am so grateful we were able to pack up and getaway, just Jack and I. What a treat to be husband and wife again. Dad and Denise drove up late Thursday night and we headed out after the 8 am feeding Friday morning. When we drove off it was like ten thousand pounds had been lifted off my shoulders, felt good! Of course I was sad to leave the babies, I knew I would miss them...but I knew they were in good hands and well taken care of. Dad and Denise did a wonderful job!

We took our time heading out of town, had several stops to make, had lunch on the way and as we arrived into New Braunfels it started pouring down rain. Booooo rain, that is the only complaint for the weekend. However, we were given a few clear hours Friday night and Saturday afternoon, so it was all good.

We stayed in a beautiful loft home on the Guadalupe River, called the Terrapin River Loft, that I would highly recommend. This was the view from the deck.

Lots of large beautiful trees and the river just a few yards away.

The guest home was charming inside and out, and the owners were fabulous.

Friday night after we got settled in we headed out for a late dinner at the famous Gristmill Restaurant.

We had the most to die for ribs, and of course the atmosphere just made it wonderful. We saw families and babies everywhere, it was hard not to watch, and talk about when ours get that age, etc. At some point during dinner our conversation went like this...
Jack "Are you tired?"
Amanda "Yes, very."
Jack "Then why are we here?!?"
Amanda "Well because we are out of town and we are supposed to be doing something in that town."
Jack "Oh"

Basically, we were tired....BUT we also wanted to have fun doing something fun in a new place. So....somehow we got the energy to head to Gruene Hall, the oldest dance hall in Texas.
The band was fun, and after we enjoyed a few long necks and a few songs and were done for the night!

Saturday morning we woke up to get our plan ready for our floating trip down the Guadalupe River. However, we got a call from Denise that Abigail had started running a fever and wasn't feeling all that great. We decided to call the doctor and get her in before they left Saturday morning. Jack and I waited for the news to make sure it was nothing major that we would need to come home for. No ear infection, no sickness...just maybe a bug. Her temperature fluctuated and she did throw up several times, but with Tylenol, sleep and some good lovin' from her Nanny and Poppa she was ok. Of course Jack and I were concerned the others would get it and then we were for sure home bound, but it seems the bug cleared the house and the others were good.

After we felt good about Abigail girl, we headed to the outfitters and rented our tubes for the afternoon. We got on the river about noon and took the long trip...finishing up about 6 pm. We met so many fun and interesting people along the way! We stopped midway and ate lunch we had packed on the bank and were entertained by everyone floating by. We ourselves enjoyed the floating, floating and more floating. About 4 pm is started sprinkling so it made the last 2 hours a little cold, but with the people around and frequent rapids, I tried not to think about the cold.

Sunday we headed back to Gruene and did a little shopping and more looking around. What a fun town! We were anxious to get home though! We got back around 4 pm to 3 precious babies who were missed so much! They changed in 2 days I swear!!! Abigail was still running a little fever, but feeling much better than Saturday. Wyatt I think gained 5 pounds and Jessy Grace was quite the little turkey for our Nanny and Poppa.

It was so nice to getaway and not do the same thing we do day in and day out the time that Jack and I had to reconnect and relax was way overdue. We hadn't been anywhere since I found out I was pregnant this time last year!!

Thank you Dad and Denise for making our weekend possible by caring for our babies!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day in the Sun

Because the weather has been so wonderful, we have been feeding the babies outside to mix up the day and just get some fresh air. Most of the time Jack and I take them to the park, but I have gotten brave and started taking the babies in the front yard for the feedings and then let them play on the blanket before nap time.

Well on this day, the weather was so perfect I thought...why don't we just take a nap outside, myself included. So after a nice lunch with my friend Chrystel, we put everyone down for their first outdoor nap. I have to say it was quite a success.



Jessy Grace...out...

The trips...out...
My blessings and I...out...
Talk about relaxing, peaceful and perhaps the best nap ever! And really, what other job would allow me to take a nap with my babies. You tell me!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In Just a Few Days...

In just a few days the babies have changed SO much! On our way home from my mom's on Sunday all of a sudden I hear one baby "talking" in the back seat, and another and another. Before I knew it there was a chorus of talking 5 month old babies in the back seat. It was so sweet and so entertaining! I drove around the neighborhood waiting for Jack to get home so we could unload everyone from the car, and that just meant a little longer to listen to these angels. It was the FIRST time I think they realized each other and I swear were having a conversation in their own language. They "talk" daily now.

Also this week Wyatt started on cereal with a spoon. Jack and I started it on Saturday morning and the first few spoonfuls were quite hilarious, but he quickly got the hang of it. He has done well for the past few days and is getting it down and ready in the morning. I am going to get it down with him first before I start the others....I haven't quite figured out how the assembly line will work. The main problem being they will need their bottle afterward and it is hard to feed 2 or 3 bottles at the same time anymore. Lining them up to fed them cereal is not the problem, it's the clean up and bottle afterward. Multiple moms...suggestions!?!?

Abigail is laughing more and more out loud. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!! She laughs and laughs and when you laugh she just laughs some more. Wyatt and Abigail have also been trying to turn over the during the past few days. They are both getting there. Wyatt has however learned how to roll from his back to his front. Jessy Grace is waiting for her brother and sister to figure it all out, she has for sure.

Here are a few pictures from this week...
Jessy Grace loves her new bouncy seat Grammy got her. Often you can find her worn out and asleep, however still holding on to one of the rings.
Abigail was so sweet sleeping and snuggling with her Mimi this week. I couldn't resist the picture...

She also loves her Bumbo seat and lives her kid "tv" (aka music mobile in the crib) I had to put on the matching hat for the picture, I could not help it!
MOM, leave me and that crazy camera!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5 Months Old

Here we are, 5 months old....I really can't even believe it! I am serious, every day I wake up and am excited to see the way God has changed our babies and has made them so perfect in His image. They are so healthy, strong and SO much fun! Don't get me wrong, they are a lot of work....BUT it could be a lot worse and we continue to be blessed with family and friends who help when they can.

At 5 months they are getting bigger every day and really growing into their personalities. All are developing right on track, however it is funny to see how they all do certain things in their own time and a different way. They really follow Jack and I around which is super sweet and lately they have noticed the television and while I am not sitting them in front of it for a show, they seem to locate it most of the time.

Here is a picture of all three, Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace...just a few days before they turned 5 months old.

How can you resist this face on little man!

I don't know specific weight stats on each baby, but I do know they are all gaining weight for sure.

Abigail Ruth
All the babies are happy babies, but I would have to say Abigail is by far the most social and chatty! When you walk near her to pick her up or play with her, her face lights up! It is the best feeling in the whole world. She is the smallest right now of the three, but I think she might just be more petite than her brother and sister. She loves to talk, laugh out loud and still loves her pacy. She is fun to play with and likes all of her toys, especially her exer-saucer. She is sitting up really well in her bumbo seat too. She is a good sleeper and a great eater. Here eyes are a still very blue and we think they may stay that way. She still has very little hair....we are waiting! Abigail also has a little birth mark on her forearm, a small darker patch of skin. Her smile is an open mouth smile, hard to resist!!!

Wyatt Michael
Just look at this just want to kiss it all the time!!!!! He is sleeping so good at night and loves waking up, always with a big o'smile! He is eating close to 8 ounces of his bottle and is getting ready for rice ceral for sure. He has the most hair of all three and right now it is a light brown or dark blonde color. His eyes are darker than the girls, and look like they may be brown, however they are hazel right now. He has found his thumb over the past few weeks! He only sucks it when he is tired or going to sleep and while I tried to replace it with a pacifier, but there isn't much I can do through the night in his crib. He is really grabbing for toys too and loves to play on the playmat with his sisters. He is laughing out loud and smiles nearly every time you walk to him. He still loves his swing, and when he starts to fall asleep starts talking to himself, it is precious! He goes to sleep easy and for the most part has outgrown any colic he had in previous months.

Jessy Grace
AKA, Daddy's girl. She has her laid back moments, but she is quite the little princess at certain times as well. Her smile will melt your heart and her little nose and ears you just want to kiss all the time! She loves to fall asleep on her side and likes her paci only when she goes to sleep for naps or at night. She is the only 1 of the 3 that has to be rocked to sleep for naps or at night. The other you can either put in their swings or in their beds and they are out. Jessy Grace and her sister are still swaddled and they seem to still be doing well, sometimes we will have 1 or 2 arms out by the morning, but it keeps them sleeping I am sure of that! Jessy's eyes are a hazel green and her hair as well is slow to grow. She loves her bouncy seat and has really good hand/eye coordination with the toys on the toybar of the seat and/or the playmat. She is rolling over, however she is not quite sure what to do when we is all the way on her belly. She is so strong though. Her acid reflux is better and she does not aspirate her milk anymore, thank God...however I have started calling her a "happy spitter." It doesn't bother her, she just goes through several outfits a day. She is drinking about 5 1/2 ounces of milk right now, and I know is getting ready for cereal.

The babies are eating every 4 hours at 8, 12, 4 and then 8 again. They are sleeping through the night with an occasional baby waking up between 5 and 7 am. Sometimes we will start feeding whoever gets up first at about 7:30, but for the most part they are good until closer to the 8 am hour. The girls are still on formula made for premmie's and Wyatt is on regular Simalac formula.

A typical schedule looks somewhat like this during the day:
7:30 - 8 Wake Up, Morning Bottle
8:30 - 9:30 Playtime
9:30 - 11 Morning Nap
12 Lunch Bottle
12:30 - 1:30 Playtime
1:30 - 3 Afternoon Nap
4 "High Tea" (as Mimi calls it) Bottle
4:30 - 5:30 Playtime
Naps vary in the evening, but usually Wyatt takes a cat nap and one of the girls are asleep and one awake. We usually always have at least 1 baby in a bouncy seat when we eat dinner.
8 Night Bottle and Bed

I am so grateful for their health, to God be the glory!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lakehouse for Labor Day

It was so nice to getaway for an extended weekend for Labor Day. This was the babies first time to the Dad and Denise's lakehouse in Lone Star, TX. The weather was amazing and the babies did really well! It was nice to get a change of scenery, and while we just packed up and relocated, the hands were many more and the weather, view from the deck, the company and the food were all worth packing up!

Over the weekend we....
Relaxed on the dock...

Hung out on the deck...

Visited with family and friends...

And were lazy on the hammock...

Thank you Nanny and Poppa for making the weekend so special.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baby Dedication in Hughes Springs

The Baby Dedication on September 5th was a wonderful celebration. The First Baptist Church of Hughes Springs were my Dad, Denise and family attend had a wonderful celebration for the triplets. The prayers lifted up for their health surely was something to celebrate! Brother Daniel did a wonderful job introducing our family to the church and asking for the blessing on each baby at they grow. The babies were given precious bibles as a token and reminder that Christ will continue to be at the center of their life.

Before we headed to church, I had to get a picture with my girls! Are they not the most precious angels you have ever seen?

I haven't had one of these pictures in a while, Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace (almost 5 months old!)

The babies all lined up when we got there...

During the Baby Dedication...

Abigail got sleep through the service...
And Jessy Grace also decided to take a nap on Nanny...

After the service we took a few extra pictures. Somehow Jack convinced Poppy to hold Wyatt for the picture! Here are Dina & Poppy with the babies.
Another family picture
We are missing Jamie and Erin, however it was Jamie's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Uncle Bubby....what a great day to celebrate!

Thank you First Baptist Church of Hughes Springs for making this day so special. Jack and I are grateful for the wonderful prayers sent up for the pregnancy, health and delivery of our miracles!