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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekend Getaway

We have had this New Braunfels weekend trip planned for some time, and I am so grateful we were able to pack up and getaway, just Jack and I. What a treat to be husband and wife again. Dad and Denise drove up late Thursday night and we headed out after the 8 am feeding Friday morning. When we drove off it was like ten thousand pounds had been lifted off my shoulders, felt good! Of course I was sad to leave the babies, I knew I would miss them...but I knew they were in good hands and well taken care of. Dad and Denise did a wonderful job!

We took our time heading out of town, had several stops to make, had lunch on the way and as we arrived into New Braunfels it started pouring down rain. Booooo rain, that is the only complaint for the weekend. However, we were given a few clear hours Friday night and Saturday afternoon, so it was all good.

We stayed in a beautiful loft home on the Guadalupe River, called the Terrapin River Loft, that I would highly recommend. This was the view from the deck.

Lots of large beautiful trees and the river just a few yards away.

The guest home was charming inside and out, and the owners were fabulous.

Friday night after we got settled in we headed out for a late dinner at the famous Gristmill Restaurant.

We had the most to die for ribs, and of course the atmosphere just made it wonderful. We saw families and babies everywhere, it was hard not to watch, and talk about when ours get that age, etc. At some point during dinner our conversation went like this...
Jack "Are you tired?"
Amanda "Yes, very."
Jack "Then why are we here?!?"
Amanda "Well because we are out of town and we are supposed to be doing something in that town."
Jack "Oh"

Basically, we were tired....BUT we also wanted to have fun doing something fun in a new place. So....somehow we got the energy to head to Gruene Hall, the oldest dance hall in Texas.
The band was fun, and after we enjoyed a few long necks and a few songs and were done for the night!

Saturday morning we woke up to get our plan ready for our floating trip down the Guadalupe River. However, we got a call from Denise that Abigail had started running a fever and wasn't feeling all that great. We decided to call the doctor and get her in before they left Saturday morning. Jack and I waited for the news to make sure it was nothing major that we would need to come home for. No ear infection, no sickness...just maybe a bug. Her temperature fluctuated and she did throw up several times, but with Tylenol, sleep and some good lovin' from her Nanny and Poppa she was ok. Of course Jack and I were concerned the others would get it and then we were for sure home bound, but it seems the bug cleared the house and the others were good.

After we felt good about Abigail girl, we headed to the outfitters and rented our tubes for the afternoon. We got on the river about noon and took the long trip...finishing up about 6 pm. We met so many fun and interesting people along the way! We stopped midway and ate lunch we had packed on the bank and were entertained by everyone floating by. We ourselves enjoyed the floating, floating and more floating. About 4 pm is started sprinkling so it made the last 2 hours a little cold, but with the people around and frequent rapids, I tried not to think about the cold.

Sunday we headed back to Gruene and did a little shopping and more looking around. What a fun town! We were anxious to get home though! We got back around 4 pm to 3 precious babies who were missed so much! They changed in 2 days I swear!!! Abigail was still running a little fever, but feeling much better than Saturday. Wyatt I think gained 5 pounds and Jessy Grace was quite the little turkey for our Nanny and Poppa.

It was so nice to getaway and not do the same thing we do day in and day out the time that Jack and I had to reconnect and relax was way overdue. We hadn't been anywhere since I found out I was pregnant this time last year!!

Thank you Dad and Denise for making our weekend possible by caring for our babies!

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