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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Girls Slumber Party at Grammy and Pop Pop's

This past weekend Jack and I did our ultimate tag teaming with the babies! I’m sure there have been other weekends, but this was one exceptional in my book. Maybe we are just getting it all down. We have for sure realized that without teamwork, the whole multiple thing doesn’t work and how much easier it is when we can work together with them, and on occasion get things accomplished in and around the house.

I had 2 Mary Kay appointments this weekend, one being at our house. I am so blessed to have a business that allows me to work in and around my family. Friday night Madi helped Jack while I was away and the Saturday morning I headed to the store during the babies morning nap and held a Mary Kay party during the afternoon nap. That evening Jack took the girls to meet my mom and for the first time they were going to spent the night away! My mom and Rick were so excited to have just the 2 of them stay and from what I could see and hear had a great time.

Aunt Alex and Clay were even able to come visit.

Jack and I just had Mr. Wyatt Saturday night and Sunday and boy was that a change!! He was super easy to take care of and I know got lots of attention. Our time frame was also not near as crunched. For example, we took him to church and normally to be at church by 9:15 am, we get up at 7 to get ourselves ready first and then get the babies fed, dressed etc. This Sunday we woke up and 8:30 and were there in plenty of time! It was great!

Sunday was a full day of organizing the garage with 2 goals in mind. 1. Allowing me access to the attic without Jack’s help moving things out of the way and 2. So that we can walk in, out and around without tripping on something. We pulled everything, and I mean everything out of the garage and onto our driveway. I’m sure our neighbors enjoyed looking at all of our junk…I mean stuff, as it was dragged out. We moved shelving, moved freezers, a refrigerator and lots, lots more….BUT the finished product, 7 hours later, a clean and organized garage…what a relief!!

Jack and I headed to dinner that evening and then met Mom half way to get the girls. They were ready for bed and once we got home everyone went right to sleep. I am thinking an overnight stay every now and then is a great idea! :)

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