Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Monday, April 25, 2011

6 Year Anniversary

And what a year it has been....

Actually Jack and I have had several crazy years we have been through...but that's the thing, we got through it. This year I think though might top it from bed rest, to babies, bottles and diapers. It has been quite the year...

We had a great evening. Grammy and PopPop (my mom and stepdad) kept the babies over night at their house. Jack and I started our date night at our favorite steak restaurant, Saltgrass.
Beautiful sunset before dinner...and the beautiful dress Jack got me for our anniversary date night.

After a wonderful meal we headed to Shenanagenz in Rockwall. We played arcades games, won lots of tickets and had a few drinks in the bar. We woke up the next morning at our leisure, not at the sound of a cry, and headed to breakfast. We ran some errands and hit up a few garage sales in Royse City. Then later that afternoon had a couples massage that was a Christmas gift (Thank you Laura). Our 24 hour whirlwind alone was over that evening when we picked up the trio. Of course we couldn't wait to see them!

Here's is to another 6 years of sharing life together Mister. Thank you for being a wonderful husband, father and friend. I know God had our life planned out before we even knew it...He was laughing about it all I'm sure too. Muah!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dallas Arboretum

Our first visit to the Dallas Arboretum was a success. There isn't much of a spring in Texas, so it sort of made for a hot day...BUT the babies had a blast eating and crawling all over the grass.

Here we are unloading and headed inside...

We found a perfect spot under the shade tree, and Wyatt was all about chasing the birds. It was so hilarious!

The girls just crawled wherever they could go...they loved having "free" reign...

We blew bubbles...

And chased each other around...

It was a fun and beautiful day!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

12 Month Check Up

The triplets had a great report at their 1 year check up! Other than way too many shots, they did great and as always loved playing on the paper. Each baby is on the “chart” and they are right on track developmentally as well as eating great. I will be taking them off the bottle this week and interested in how all that will go. They are drinking from their sippy cups well, but they seem to still like us to hold them. How in the world did that happen with three? I have no idea!?! However, all in all…we had had a successful and healthy first year! Praise God. Here was the best picture I could get ;)

Here are everyone’s stats and 12 month picture.
18 pounds 3 ounces
28.5 inches long

Abigail has started to take a few steps and is very interested in learning how to walk. She and her brother are the happiest babies I know. She is quite the toy thief tho, so watch out...she will get whatever you steal from her. She loves fruit especially cantaloupe and watermelon and even though she doesn't have hear as many teeth as her brother and sister, she can out eat them all!
She is such the little dancing doll too, her shoulders and feet are almost constantly moving.

21 pounds 5 ounces
29 inches long

Little man, you can't help but smile when he smiles! He is content most all the time and just loves to smile! He doesn't have much of a chance right now with the girls ganging up on him, but he doesn't mind all that much...he just finds something else to play with. He is all about some standing, but he hasn't made it to taking steps just yet...but it won't be long. Wyatt loves to eat as well, really anything....he can put away some broccoli and loves macaroni and cheese. He has 8 teeth and when he is not woken up by his sisters, he is a great sleeper.

Jessy Grace
18 pounds 11 ounces
28 inches long

Jessy Grace steals so many people's hearts it's not even funny. She has her dad so wrapped around her finger and he can't even think straight when she is in the room. Jessy will be walking any day....I mean minute, she is that close!! She is not scared to try and wants to figure it out, and I mean quick. It is so funny to me that she was the last one out of the womb, quiet and all to herself, but man Baby C was just waiting to show everyone who was boss. And that, she does. Jessy has 8 teeth also, but is more of a pickier eater than her brother and sister. She does take care of graham crackers with no problem at all, and if you add peanut butter to the cracker you will hear smacking for sure! Jessy is working hard to grow out of her naps, but I have to remind her who is in charge and that 2 naps a day are not an option for her not to take. Jessy has a smile that will melt your heart and makes some of the funniest faces.

We had a great time taking pictures with Elizabeth Stanley. Elizabeth and I met through facebook and she offered to take pictures of the babies if they could model some of the clothes and tutus she makes. Of course I was all about it, and was so grateful for her patience and help during the session. We met at a park in Rockwall and Mimi was there to help, and Jack met us there half way through the session. The babies were too interested in all the kids playing on the playground so it was super hard to get smiles from anyone! Abigail, the smiling queen didn’t even give a smirk. Oh well, they still turned out great I think, here are a few of my favorites.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

3 Ring Circus! 1 Year Birthday Celebration!

Happy Birthday Babies!! This special day is bittersweet. Actually as I type I'm crying uncontrollably thinking of my babies being 1 and what the year has brought as part of my life. It feels like I was just holding them swaddled and waking up every 3 hours to make sure they ate to gain weight. Ok, yah the crying just got worse. Ugh! A happy cry, a cry of grace and mercy to know that the prayers said were answered according to His will and perfect plan. Wow, that is breathtaking to think about.

SO in celebration...this year the theme was "Three Ring Circus!" Because the last 12 months have been just that...a circus! I had a super fun time planning and preparing for the party, and while I totally understand the babies won't remember the celebration, I think it was more for Jack and I to show appreciation to all those who helped so much the first year, and to celebrate that we made it through!

Well the birthday party was a huge success! Thank you to all those who made it run so perfect and helped from setting up to taking pictures. I am very thankful for your kindness  I was grateful for no rain, but holy cow the wind was crazy! I had great plans for tablecloths and centerpieces  but those were just totally obsolete with the wind over 40 miles per hour. The 3 Ring Circus was a hit, with a bouncy house (thank you Katie and Keres Fite), a clown (thank you cousin Jill) and a popcorn machine, (thank you Sandra, aka Gransie).

I think everyone had a wonderful time and I know the triplets enjoyed being around people they know love them so! And, of course they totally were into their birthday cake.

Even the cleaning up part was fun...
Thank you Lord for blessing Jack and I with these 3 special lives. The last 12 months we have grown together as a couple and in our Faith. We know you have entrusted these lives to us and I pray as each year passes that they grow closer in their love and walk with You! 

Happy Birthday Abigail, Wyatt & Jessy Grace!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

1 Year Old

Abigail, how old are you!?
ONE Wyatt, how old are you!?
ONE Jessy Grace, how old are you!? ONE

What a fun age and a blessing to be ONE!! Jack and I took the babies to IHOP for their birthday dinner. It's kids eat FREE month, and they love pancackes, so off we went. They had a great time eating jelly, panackes, fruit, eggs, and trying for the first time ice cream and cake. Whew, if all that food wasn't an overload!

It was fun and someone else cleaned up, I have to say that was nice! We left a nice tip though so hopefully they will be ok if we come back.

Everyone especially like the you can see...

The manager was so excited to sing happy birthday, but instead of 3 small sundaes, we went ahead and took one sundae and gave everyone a bit. Talk about messy!!!

A great night, lots of fun and a wonderful memory in celebration with the babies! Happy Birthday! We love you!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fun Outside

Hooray for spring! We hope you stay for just a little while before summer shines on us!

After church this weekend, we stopped by the house to get the babies food and loaded up a lunch for us to enjoy by the pond. The babies love being outdoors....and they love climbing all over Daddy...

Sweet Abigail

Little man, Wyatt

Pretty, pretty Jessy Grace

JG looked too cute not to take this picture...

Thank you Chrystel for making our cute dresses and bows.
Let's just hope Spring in Texas stays a little while longer so we can enjoy these days outside!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

Wow, 1 year ago today I went for my regular doctor's appointment and found out it was about that time to head to the hospital. My blood pressure was elevated and I had gained 14 pounds in 1 short week...the beginning signs of preeclampsia. BUT, the babies "fooled" us and stayed in 6 more what felt like LONG days!

It is absolutely amazing how fast this year has gone by and really when I think about how Jack and I got through it, I can't help but be so grateful and thankful for our faith and our family! I have been in true "survival" mode for the past year though, and this past week have felt an amazing feeling of relief and freedom. I think I am past "survival" mode and living now more in the moment. I'm not sure if any of this make sense, but it sure does feel good!

Now onto the BABIES! They are growing like weeds! Wyatt is in 12-18 months clothes and most of the girls clothes they are in are 12 months. Jessy Grace took 3 steps this past weekend at Grammy's and has taken a few more since then. The babies 12 month pictures are tomorrow, their birthday day on Thursday, my birthday Friday and their party Saturday. Fun and fabulously busy week!

Here are pictures from the weekend. The girls stayed at my moms while Jack kept Wyatt. I headed to Frisco for a quick overnight Mary Kay conference. I left with a clear mind and a better Mommy I'm sure of it!

The girls eating spaghetti at Grammy's
Wyatt hanging out with Dad on the patio at Primo's in Rockwall.

This week will be a milestone as my babies turn 1!!