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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Saturday, April 9, 2011

3 Ring Circus! 1 Year Birthday Celebration!

Happy Birthday Babies!! This special day is bittersweet. Actually as I type I'm crying uncontrollably thinking of my babies being 1 and what the year has brought as part of my life. It feels like I was just holding them swaddled and waking up every 3 hours to make sure they ate to gain weight. Ok, yah the crying just got worse. Ugh! A happy cry, a cry of grace and mercy to know that the prayers said were answered according to His will and perfect plan. Wow, that is breathtaking to think about.

SO in celebration...this year the theme was "Three Ring Circus!" Because the last 12 months have been just that...a circus! I had a super fun time planning and preparing for the party, and while I totally understand the babies won't remember the celebration, I think it was more for Jack and I to show appreciation to all those who helped so much the first year, and to celebrate that we made it through!

Well the birthday party was a huge success! Thank you to all those who made it run so perfect and helped from setting up to taking pictures. I am very thankful for your kindness  I was grateful for no rain, but holy cow the wind was crazy! I had great plans for tablecloths and centerpieces  but those were just totally obsolete with the wind over 40 miles per hour. The 3 Ring Circus was a hit, with a bouncy house (thank you Katie and Keres Fite), a clown (thank you cousin Jill) and a popcorn machine, (thank you Sandra, aka Gransie).

I think everyone had a wonderful time and I know the triplets enjoyed being around people they know love them so! And, of course they totally were into their birthday cake.

Even the cleaning up part was fun...
Thank you Lord for blessing Jack and I with these 3 special lives. The last 12 months we have grown together as a couple and in our Faith. We know you have entrusted these lives to us and I pray as each year passes that they grow closer in their love and walk with You! 

Happy Birthday Abigail, Wyatt & Jessy Grace!!!

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