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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

Wow, 1 year ago today I went for my regular doctor's appointment and found out it was about that time to head to the hospital. My blood pressure was elevated and I had gained 14 pounds in 1 short week...the beginning signs of preeclampsia. BUT, the babies "fooled" us and stayed in 6 more what felt like LONG days!

It is absolutely amazing how fast this year has gone by and really when I think about how Jack and I got through it, I can't help but be so grateful and thankful for our faith and our family! I have been in true "survival" mode for the past year though, and this past week have felt an amazing feeling of relief and freedom. I think I am past "survival" mode and living now more in the moment. I'm not sure if any of this make sense, but it sure does feel good!

Now onto the BABIES! They are growing like weeds! Wyatt is in 12-18 months clothes and most of the girls clothes they are in are 12 months. Jessy Grace took 3 steps this past weekend at Grammy's and has taken a few more since then. The babies 12 month pictures are tomorrow, their birthday day on Thursday, my birthday Friday and their party Saturday. Fun and fabulously busy week!

Here are pictures from the weekend. The girls stayed at my moms while Jack kept Wyatt. I headed to Frisco for a quick overnight Mary Kay conference. I left with a clear mind and a better Mommy I'm sure of it!

The girls eating spaghetti at Grammy's
Wyatt hanging out with Dad on the patio at Primo's in Rockwall.

This week will be a milestone as my babies turn 1!!

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Shayla said...

Happy birthday, Babies! It's hard to believe they are a year old already.

I never thought the girls looked much alike, but I definitely see a resemblance in these photos. Such beautiful kiddos you have, Amanda!