Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

On this day, Memorial Day, we remember all those who lost their life fighting for our nation's freedom. Your Daddy is a brave man who fought 3 tours of duty in Iraq. He lost many friends, brothers and comrads. On this day we are grateful he is here with us, however we remember the loved ones he lost.

I dressed the girls in their first NEWBORN sizes! Thanks Christina for the super cute outfits.
We had wonderful visitors from Mt. Pleasant. Katie and Keres Fite came over that morning and brought their precious babies, Ava and George. I'm pretty sure Ava thinks Jessy is a doll, none the less she knows how to keep a pacifier in a babies mouth.
We were also suprised with Jamie Cody who was coming through Dallas and was able to come over and hold babies. It was so wonderful to see our special friends!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Waiting Your Turn

Well the babies are starting to get little personalities and really show me who is in charge. Wow, lots of activity this week, as I saw a huge difference in their reactions to eating, sleeping and playing. There is more awake time know and because the babies are getting bigger their feeding time is taking a bit longer. Wyatt has shown his Mommy a new side this week as he made sure I knew exactly what his cry sounded like.

Aunt Missie came to help on Wednesday, and let's just say, I hope she comes back :) It was quite the screaming fest, the triplets broke her in for sure. Because of his change in attitude and irritability, I took Wyatt to see the doctor before the weekend started. After describing his "symptoms" the doctor said I described colic to a "T." He gave me some drops to give him when he gets too fussy, however he has been pretty good natured this weekend. His scream is so deep, it just breaks my heart when he cries. We will see how he does, just as long as he is comfortable.

My best friend from high school, Alex and her mom came over Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Parilli did a lot of loving on Wyatt and even sang to him in Spanish, he will for sure be bilingual she thinks.
The Berry family dropped by to see and help feed the babies. It was the first time Jeff has seen then, and their daughter Madde got to hold the babies for the first time and I think it made her day. Lezlee, next time we have to take a pic!!

Later that evening Donna and Tony, long time family friends came over and brought their adopted daughter Lilliana. Donna ooo-hhed and aaaa-hhed over the babies and loved every minute of it. They brought Jack and I fruit from the Dallas Farmers Market and half a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes.....mmmmmmm they were so good.

Mom and Rick came to help Saturday night while Jack and I went to eat and then Sunday morning I went to church. Everyone at church can't wait to meet them, and we can't wait to bring them!!

I was by myself this week quite a few times, by choice. I just wanted to see how it would work, how I would do and if I would still be sane. Let's just say by the end of the week, the tears started and it was pretty tiring. I really do try to remind myself of the miracles they are, which helps re-focus and get it together.

Here is how I set up shop when I feed them alone. Lots of patience, and everyone just has to wait their turn!
And at some point I needed to change clothes, diapers or something and everyone ended up in Wyatts bed. Look at him, he is in deep thought and the girls are checking each other out! "Hey sister, how's it going?!" Wyatt says, "Get these girls outta my space!"

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Special People & Happy Birthday!

This week I had my check up with Dr. Romberg....all went well. Mom and I took the babies to see Dr. Romberg and to meet all the special people who helped bring the babies into the world. It was fun to get them dressed and ready...and for sure entertaining for people to see three babies walking in to the doctors office.

First, Dr. Romberg....probably the most precious Doctor I know. She is so caring, thoughtful and prayerful for her patients. She made the best decisions during my pregnancy and the health of me and the triplets is because of her. I am so grateful the Lord placed her in our path. My joke with Dr. Romberg is that she has a secret helicopter to get all the places she needs to go. She is a single mother of 2, offices at Mesquite and Baylor Dallas and many days goes both places...I have NO clue how she does all the things she does so calmly and with ease. She is pretty awesome! Thank you Dr. Romberg!
And here is Miss. Heather....Dr. Romberg's precious nurse. She was always so helpful and answered my million phone messages and questions about my pregnancy. I know she must play an important part in keeping Dr. Romberg organized and in check every day with all of her patients. Thank you Heather!
And last, but certainly NOT least is our a very special friend and great sonographer Carrie. She practically knew the babies as well as we did before they were here as each week she took a peek at the to see their growth and progress. She did an amazing job monitoring me throughout the pregnancy and also took some amazing pictures of the babies in utero. Thank you Carrie!
The babies "official" due date was Friday, May 21st! Wow, I can't even imagine them in my belly this entire time. That is a lot of baby. Here are their weight stats:
Abigail - 6 pounds, 10 ounces
Wyatt - 7 pounds, 14 ounces
Jessy Grace - 6 pounds, 7 ounces

Jack and I got to have our date night on Friday, thank to Robin and Mike Skahan. We at on the deck of Fish Camp in Royse City....very yummy. This weekend we were quite the family of 5, as Jack and I decided to not have help this weekend. Alone time was needed and just time to see if we could do it. Well....we did, however Saturday was much better than Friday. The babies were so fussy Friday night and did not sleep well at all. At one point I actually slept with a boppy pillow on the floor in the nursery with Wyatt and Abigail, because they would not stop crying..and it was easier to stay in the room than to go back and forth. Saturday went much smoother and the night feedings much better. Thank goodness!

Our Sunday has been very relaxed and laid back and tonight Mimi is here to help. And I sit here and type Mimi is having a full conversation with Jessy Grace. Probably the sweetest thing ever.
I know this week will be great!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back in Business

I have been really out of touch with technology over the past few days...but have no fear, we are back in business. My new laptop arrived yesterday and I am so excited about it.

Since my last post the weekend has come and gone and half of the week is over. My Dad came to help this weekend with the babies. We had a great time, and it was awesome to see him in action with the triplets. He got up for every feeding! Dillon came over Saturday and by the time he left late Sunday he was quite the pro at feeding a baby. Denise arrived at the house Sunday morning and stayed until this afternoon....and she as well helped with all feedings, and of course had lots of baby rocking time!

Here are some of the fun shots.
Abigail raises her hand a lot! She is such a good little student. This position is hilarious to watch!! She will be in the bouncy seat or swing and one or both hands will go up. She also like to make this face with her eyes. She has big eyes and they get even bigger when you sit her up to burp, which by the way she doesn't particularly care to do! Her eyes get all big and she stays still.
Here is Mr. Wyatt on his play mat, wearing his NEWBORN clothes! He loves his Aggie onesie Kathy gave him. He is getting so big, so fast!!! He is holding is head up and is very alert. He loves laying on his mat and watching the fun toys!
Jessy Grace and her notorious precious poses. She loves to have her hands on her chin like she's thinking. She however is the slowest eater of them all, and she is either happy or not happy and she will tell you about it...there is no in between with her.
Yesterday we started switching the babies to a 4 hour schedule as they seemed to take the 3 1/2 hour schedule well and still sleeping through that time frame. So far, so good. The babies are eating at 10, 2, and 6 and are staying awake more as well throughout the day. They all love to swing, bounce and hangout laying in their boppy pillows. By the way, the inventor of Bobby and Dr. Brown are genius'....a wealthy genius I might add!

Sunday afternoon Ken, Cindy and baby Micah came over again to do the 2nd part of the triplet photo shoot. Talk about patience!!! Ken you did an amazing job and we are so thankful you took time to take these special pictures.
Here are a few of the sneak peaks he sent us! I can't wait to see all of them!!!
Wyatt...little big man
Mommy & Wyatt
Mommy & the Girls
Jessy Grace

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hamster Wheel

It has set in, the routine, the grind, the daily hamster wheel of caring for the triplets. I am a happy hamster though, and really you can even ask my husband I don't complain until it is late at night and my body won't go anymore. I go and go, and go and go and just never get off the wheel....until my head hits the pillow between 3 1/2 hour feedings in the middle of the night, and then I am OUT!

My daily routine is pretty much stays the same until I am feeding or changing a baby, then it might get interesting...but for the most part this is the routine.
Change diaper
Cuddle for a minute
Lay back down
Get another baby....if there are only 2 people, it's the 3rd one's turn
Repeat of above
Wash bottles out
Eat snack
Shower (if I don't get a shower by about noon, there is no hope)
Make bottles
Answer email, phone messages...squeeze in a little Mary Kay
Sterilize bottles 2 times a day
Express milk 8 times a day
Restock diapers and wipes
Straighten house
Repeat about 8 times and that is a 24 hour period

Good times! I thought before when I had 2 jobs I was busy...MAN this is enough for 3 people to handle for sure. When we have 3 sets of hands it is a party and feedings just go by thank you to all my family and friends who have offered their hands.

One of our highlights for the week was taking pictures with a photographer. Our friends Ken and Cindy Sheppa had the triplets over for their newborn pictures and it was so much fun. Lots of work let me tell you to get three to cooperate, but the results so far are great. We are getting together one more time to finish, but here are just a few he sent after the session. THANK YOU KEN!!!

My best friend from college Bethany, and her son Hayden came to stay for a few days. Triplets and a 2 year old made for quite a household, let me tell you! But, we had a great time and I was so appreciative for all of Bethany's help.

The babies are getting bigger and bigger each week. I weighed them today, and here are their stats:
Abigail - 6 pounds 2 ounces
Wyatt - 7 pounds 2 ounces
Jessy Grace - 5 pounds 14 ounces

This last week we also switched to a 3 1/2 hour schedule with the hopes of being on a 4 hour by June, giving me a little more time during the day to work. So far the 3 1/2 is working well and we will probably stay with this for another week or so to make sure the babies have it down.

I am breaking out from the routine tomorrow, Saturday to grocery shop, head to Babies R Us, Northpark and who else knows were I will end up! Jack and Dad will be here with the babes....they can handle it!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

1st Mother's Day

Don't worry, I know you what you're in the world does she have time to write another post!?! I don't really have "time," however...without going into too much detail, I am "forced" to sit still for at least 30 minutes, 6 times a day in order to provide additional food for the babes. As I sit here I am thinking however of ALL the things I need/could be doing, but the day has almost slipped by and it won't probably get done! So instead I will write...

This weekend was fun! Jamie and Erin came into town Friday and were such a huge help this weekend. They were busy helping with feedings and just giving Jack and I a break from the hamster wheel we are on during the week. Saturday night we all fed the babies and had our own crawfish boil. It was so much fun and and it was such a great night to be outdoors.

My Mother's Day was just perfect. Jack made me a huge breakfast and then Jamie and Erin stayed with the babies so we could go to church together. It was the first time since January and it was so wonderful to be around those who have prayed for us and been such a large support. Later in the afternoon my mom brought my grandmother, Nana to meet the babies. She fell in love with all three of them and just could not stop rocking and talking to them. She does not see very well, so as she was holding them and feeling their features, she could not believe how little they were. She even go to feed Wyatt, and loved it!
We had fun taking pictures with the generations of life!

Claudia Ruth, Cindy, Amanda, Abigail, Wyatt & Jessy Grace.

Friday, May 7, 2010

What a week....

I hate that it has been a week since my last update, however....I think I have somewhat of an excuse. ;) If it is any consolation, I have been working on this post for a good 4 days! Last week, was a great week for our family as the babies turned a month old Friday, and we have continued to be blessed with healthy babies, help from family, friends and Church and meals to assist in our night routine. Last week went by really fast, I'm not sure how it got away.

On Wednesday Aunt Sally came to help overnight and she brought her postal scale ;) We were able to weigh the babies and here are their 4 week old stats. I'm sure the triplets are going to hate it when they see these pictures, later in life, but I'm sure they will get over it!

Abigail 5 pounds 9 ounces
Wyatt 6 pounds 6 ounces
Jessy Grace 5 pounds 4 ounces
They are gaining weight which is great! Jessy Grace has had a stuffy nose this week so we have set up a humidifier in the nursery and I have given her saline drops in her little nostrils. I also get some sick satisfaction getting buggies out of the babies noses with this handy device, as they all seem to get stuffy. When we were at the pediatrician last, he did say that their little nasal cavities were so small, so that is part of the reason for their stuffiness.

On Friday the babies were a month old. Here are their 1 month old pictures, armature style:
This last picture of her explains it all! Abigail loves to talk. She keeps her eyes open for quite a while after she eats and just looks all around her bed and the room. She is a great eater, however like her sister she is pretty slow. She loves watching her mobile and also enjoys her swing. She moves her legs and arms a lot and my bet is will be the first to try to walk.
Wyatt is cool, calm and collected, you see he is bored here for sure! He is totally content eating, burping, being swaddled and laying back down. He does like the bouncy chair and really likes watching his mobile too. He loves to eat and always burps. His little cheeks are great for kisses and he is such a cuddle bug.
Her poses crack me up!!! Jessy Grace is a daddy's girl. She loves laying on daddy's chest at night after she eats and falls right asleep. She is a super slow eater, but she does eat it all! She likes swinging too and loves when you talk to her. She has a high pitched scream which can be hard to listen too and she is super cuddly as well. Her dad also loves when she wears the color yellow, so she tries to wear it as often as she can.

Here is the trio attempt. Hilarious to actually watch in person. Poor Wyatt is like "MOM get me out of here!!" We also took the picture right before feeding time. Not the best idea, they started sucking on each others arms!
I love this picture of Wyatt!!!! That lip is priceless!!

Can I just you how fun it is to dress the girls! I get so excited when they need an outfit change, and can't wait until they get big enough to wear their newborn clothes. The matching summer outfits they have are precious! I wanted all the babies to somewhat match, and the girls to have a hair piece that matched too, so the white onsie and Wyatt with blue striped shorts, the girls with baby blue headbands was as good as I could get.

I had a chance to get out last and see some of my friends in the city and Chamber. Jack and I attended the Royse City networking breakfast on Wednesday morning while Mom and Rick stayed with the babies and it was awesome to see the friends of the city who prayed and fed us over the bed rest period. I was a proud Mom with my pictures that is for sure. I also went to La Rue Chic this week in town and treated myself to some super cute clothes...and jeans that fit. I have to say I have lost a lot of weight, but who wants to wear maternity jeans when they wore maternity clothes for 8 months! Candice the owner picked out some fun outfits for me, thanks girl!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Fun.

We had quite the weekend! Jack and I did night feedings....ALONE. Although tiring, we made it and I was so proud we could do it on our own. Naps were definitely necessary, however it made for a momentous weekend and quite the experience. The babies did ok, not an A+ by any means, however what can you expect for a 3 week old babies. Jack and I swapped feedings alone so the other could sleep, we ended up doing some together when more than 1 baby would cry, and overall I remembered what the nurse practitioner said when we were about to leave with all three of them...."all they need to do is eat and be loved." Check!

Jack's brother and sister in law came in town from Arkansas this weekend. John, Christina, and their daughters Kelley and Kacy were here Saturday to love and hold the babies. The girls of course loved them, and John and Christina were a huge help with feedings during the day.

Kelly and Wyatt took a nap!Lezlee and her awesome kids, Maddie and Lawton came over after the 6 pm feeding to watch the babies, and we were all able to go to a new restaurant called Fish Camp. It was a great night to sit outside and eat dinner....a great outing!

The babies are really starting to show their personalities. Jessy Grace is getting a little used to laying on daddy's chest and being held by her Grammy. She has realized she has quite the scream and every once in a while will belt one out. However, she is as sweet as she can be, I mean look at this!
Then there is Abigail. She makes this face a lot! Her little lips pucker up and she stretches real big. She looks like she is saying "talk to the hand!" She is a chatter box and has done a good job teaching her brother and sister her language. She makes a lot of "racket" as Mimi calls it, and really that is exactly what it is....she just likes to hear herself talk. However, not so much a crier, just a grunter and talker...such a good girl!
Then Mr. Wyatt. Now he is a good little man. A great eater and a great burper. He is getting really big and starting to get cute little baby fat rolls on his legs. He loves to listen to his rain forest noises in the nursery, and really likes watching his mobile Nanny got him. He is first to finish his food and is just ok laying in his crib until he falls asleep. Most of the time he has to listen to the girls and their jibber jabber, but from time to time he will join in. This picture explains it all.

I also tried to take some more shots of the girls and their cute clothes and bows. They want to have nothing to do with it!! The flash really messes things up, but I can't seem to take a good one without the flash, so this is as good as it gets. Abigail is on the left and Jessy Grace on the right. I can't wait until their clothes actually fit and we can mix and match outfits and hair accessories. For now, this is as good as it gets.
I got a chance to go to church on Sunday. Jack and I did the 9 am feeding and then I went to the late service at 10:45 on Sunday. It was so wonderful to see people I had not seen since January, and even more awesome to see the growth in our amazing church community over the course of almost 5 months. God is so good! The sermon was even so appropriate and in so many ways spoke to me in regards to the babies and the miracles they truly are. Jeremiah 1:4 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart..."

Tomorrow the triplets will be 4 weeks old! I am thinking a trio photo session is in store, stay tuned!