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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Waiting Your Turn

Well the babies are starting to get little personalities and really show me who is in charge. Wow, lots of activity this week, as I saw a huge difference in their reactions to eating, sleeping and playing. There is more awake time know and because the babies are getting bigger their feeding time is taking a bit longer. Wyatt has shown his Mommy a new side this week as he made sure I knew exactly what his cry sounded like.

Aunt Missie came to help on Wednesday, and let's just say, I hope she comes back :) It was quite the screaming fest, the triplets broke her in for sure. Because of his change in attitude and irritability, I took Wyatt to see the doctor before the weekend started. After describing his "symptoms" the doctor said I described colic to a "T." He gave me some drops to give him when he gets too fussy, however he has been pretty good natured this weekend. His scream is so deep, it just breaks my heart when he cries. We will see how he does, just as long as he is comfortable.

My best friend from high school, Alex and her mom came over Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Parilli did a lot of loving on Wyatt and even sang to him in Spanish, he will for sure be bilingual she thinks.
The Berry family dropped by to see and help feed the babies. It was the first time Jeff has seen then, and their daughter Madde got to hold the babies for the first time and I think it made her day. Lezlee, next time we have to take a pic!!

Later that evening Donna and Tony, long time family friends came over and brought their adopted daughter Lilliana. Donna ooo-hhed and aaaa-hhed over the babies and loved every minute of it. They brought Jack and I fruit from the Dallas Farmers Market and half a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes.....mmmmmmm they were so good.

Mom and Rick came to help Saturday night while Jack and I went to eat and then Sunday morning I went to church. Everyone at church can't wait to meet them, and we can't wait to bring them!!

I was by myself this week quite a few times, by choice. I just wanted to see how it would work, how I would do and if I would still be sane. Let's just say by the end of the week, the tears started and it was pretty tiring. I really do try to remind myself of the miracles they are, which helps re-focus and get it together.

Here is how I set up shop when I feed them alone. Lots of patience, and everyone just has to wait their turn!
And at some point I needed to change clothes, diapers or something and everyone ended up in Wyatts bed. Look at him, he is in deep thought and the girls are checking each other out! "Hey sister, how's it going?!" Wyatt says, "Get these girls outta my space!"

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