Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Fun.

We had quite the weekend! Jack and I did night feedings....ALONE. Although tiring, we made it and I was so proud we could do it on our own. Naps were definitely necessary, however it made for a momentous weekend and quite the experience. The babies did ok, not an A+ by any means, however what can you expect for a 3 week old babies. Jack and I swapped feedings alone so the other could sleep, we ended up doing some together when more than 1 baby would cry, and overall I remembered what the nurse practitioner said when we were about to leave with all three of them...."all they need to do is eat and be loved." Check!

Jack's brother and sister in law came in town from Arkansas this weekend. John, Christina, and their daughters Kelley and Kacy were here Saturday to love and hold the babies. The girls of course loved them, and John and Christina were a huge help with feedings during the day.

Kelly and Wyatt took a nap!Lezlee and her awesome kids, Maddie and Lawton came over after the 6 pm feeding to watch the babies, and we were all able to go to a new restaurant called Fish Camp. It was a great night to sit outside and eat dinner....a great outing!

The babies are really starting to show their personalities. Jessy Grace is getting a little used to laying on daddy's chest and being held by her Grammy. She has realized she has quite the scream and every once in a while will belt one out. However, she is as sweet as she can be, I mean look at this!
Then there is Abigail. She makes this face a lot! Her little lips pucker up and she stretches real big. She looks like she is saying "talk to the hand!" She is a chatter box and has done a good job teaching her brother and sister her language. She makes a lot of "racket" as Mimi calls it, and really that is exactly what it is....she just likes to hear herself talk. However, not so much a crier, just a grunter and talker...such a good girl!
Then Mr. Wyatt. Now he is a good little man. A great eater and a great burper. He is getting really big and starting to get cute little baby fat rolls on his legs. He loves to listen to his rain forest noises in the nursery, and really likes watching his mobile Nanny got him. He is first to finish his food and is just ok laying in his crib until he falls asleep. Most of the time he has to listen to the girls and their jibber jabber, but from time to time he will join in. This picture explains it all.

I also tried to take some more shots of the girls and their cute clothes and bows. They want to have nothing to do with it!! The flash really messes things up, but I can't seem to take a good one without the flash, so this is as good as it gets. Abigail is on the left and Jessy Grace on the right. I can't wait until their clothes actually fit and we can mix and match outfits and hair accessories. For now, this is as good as it gets.
I got a chance to go to church on Sunday. Jack and I did the 9 am feeding and then I went to the late service at 10:45 on Sunday. It was so wonderful to see people I had not seen since January, and even more awesome to see the growth in our amazing church community over the course of almost 5 months. God is so good! The sermon was even so appropriate and in so many ways spoke to me in regards to the babies and the miracles they truly are. Jeremiah 1:4 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart..."

Tomorrow the triplets will be 4 weeks old! I am thinking a trio photo session is in store, stay tuned!


Karen said...

Amazing!! They are so precious and you and Jack are doing such a wonderful job!! Multi-tasking is basically a womans gift from God. Enjoy those babies!! said...

Hey Amanda, I know taking time to update this blog cannot be easy to work into the schedule, but thank you for doing so. It is a treat to get to see all the miracles we prayed for all that time. We love y'all! Pam