Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Friday, April 30, 2010

Is it only Friday!? Parts of the week have gone by fast, however I would have to say that the end of this week have been sooooo sloooow!!! Jack and I were so grateful to have family helping us this week. Mimi was here the beginning of the week, then my Mom and Rick, Aunt Sally and cousin Shelly.

Overall the babies are staying on their schedule and eating really well. We increased each of their food intake and Abigail and Wyatt are doing great with it. There were a few set backs with Jessy Grace today so I am going to go back down 5 cc's and see how she does this weekend. It was a full moon on Wednesday night and it was the first night the babies all cried and got up through the night. Poor Aunt Sally! It was a long night and I was so glad she had the special touch to get them settled.

Cousin Shelly had a great time hanging out with her "cousinettes" as Jill calls them. She was a great help as well.
People ask how I get things done....well, I guess here is proof. I am holding a baby, eating a snack and probably updating my blog or emailing consultants or customers. It's all about multi-tasking, and I get some sick satisfaction by doing multiple things at once. Hmmmm...I wonder if that is a problem!?
And finally, here is another funny picture. So we have the babies swaddled in these great swaddle blankets. Whoever invented these blankets was a genius, and is a rich person too! However, our babies wiggle their way down their sleep positioners and occasionally work their way out of the swaddle. Now these swaddles are pretty tight, so we are not sure how this happens....but here is proof of our chatter box Abigail.

I laugh everyday at this trio!

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J & K said...

Those kiddos are precious Amanda! Gotta watch out for those swaddles...I definitely love them, but when my oldest was probably 6 months old, he not only out of the bottom part of the swaddle but when I went to get him up from nap, he had the whole thing wrapped around his head instead of his body! I have no idea how he managed it...but it was a scary sight!