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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Self Triplets!

UPDATE - Please wait a couple of days to visit unless you speak with Amanda or Jack first. They aren't allowing any more visitors tonight so she can rest. Also, tomorrow is Amanda's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!!

This is Shelly again. It has been a long couple of days for Amanda and Jack but today was the day! Thank you for all of your prayers! All of the babies are doing awesome and are expected to be in the NICU for at least a couple of weeks to make sure they are eating well and everything is working like it should. I just got back from a short visit with Amanda and Jack and they are such troopers! Amanda is still in labor and delivery because her blood pressure hasn't dropped as much as it needs to for her to go up stairs. That is the biggest frustration because until it does she can't see the babies. She needs more of your prayers! They are giving her a lot of medication which makes her feel drugged so she is looking forward to when the magnesium and other drips are stopped in the morning and she starts feeling better.

She hasn't had her phone with her all day but Jack is doing his best to keep up with messages etc. If you've called or texted and haven't heard back you have not been forgotten! Please just give them time to get back to you. If you want immediate information on where she is or how she is doing feel free to email me directly at

Jack was able to visit with the babies today and even got to hold Wyatt for about an hour. What a proud daddy!

Here are a few more pictures that one of the NICU nurses took right after the birth. She had them immediately printed and put into a cute book so Amanda could see her babies even while she was in recovery. What a great nurse! These are pictures that I took with my phone of the printed pictures so the quality isn't great.

Hopefully Amanda feels better tomorrow and will resume the blogging. I know she is much more entertaining than me. :) I'm praying Amanda gets a lot of rest tonight and is able to hold her babies tomorrow!



Heather said...

*sniff sniff* Awwwww guys they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Im SO happy for you guys! Let the games BEGIN! hehe! :D

Karen said...

Such a beautiful gift!! Just look at them!!

Ashley Moses said...

Congratulations Amanda!! So happy for you!! God is good :)