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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Saturday, April 24, 2010

1st Weekend Home

What a beautiful weekend this was to have family come visit and help with the babies. Jack and I had a great time out for our anniversary. We enjoyed dinner at Iron Chef, a hibachi sushi grill, and listened to a live band at a pub in Rockwall on the way home. Thank you for all the anniversary wishes ;)
This weekend has been fun filled with family. My Dad and Denise were here the first part of the weekend and then Jacks Dad and April came on Saturday. Dillon, Jamie and Erin got to see the babies and Mimi and Papa came Sunday afternoon. The triplets were loved on that is for sure!

I told you Wyatt, Mommy was going to take pictures of you too. And you look so handsome in your dinosoar outfit. I'm sure when you see this when you are in high school you will be so mad a me, but...oh well, I'm over it ;)

I have told many of you this, but wanted to share it with everyone in case you wanted to do this with your blog or know someone who might. One of my main motivations for keeping up the entries on a regular basis, is not only to fill in family and friends, but to also eventually get the blog made into a book for the triplets. There is a website,,where you can make your own photo book or journal book with pictures included just like the entries are here from your blog. One of my KD sisters told me about it, and I thought that would be a great keepsake for the children as they grow and would possible eliminate putting all the pictures in a scrapbook, I don't have tons of time for that :)

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Annie said...

Everyone looks great! Happy anniversary!