Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Friday, April 23, 2010

April...Need I Say More...

Well as many of you know, April is quite the month for the Self household. We have baby birthdays, my birthday and Jack and I's anniversary. Jack has already said, and I'm holding him to it....that we will just take a vacation during April and knock it all out at once ;).

Happy Anniversary honey! You are a wonderful friend, husband and daddy. I can't believe 5 years ago we joined lives and have already had so many amazing memories. The best is yet to come as we continue to grow stronger in our faith and now been blessed with 3 miracles. I am am very happy woman and am so grateful for you.

Tonight we are going out to celebrate. Dad, Denise and Dillon are here and will take care of the babies while we go out. Thank you!!!

This week has been a great week for the triplets! We are on a schedule much like the military, but hey it works. The routine is change diaper, eat and repeats itself 8 times and is like clock work. The babies do a LOT of sleeping and are just not disturbed by any sound. Gaby our housekeeper was vacuuming today, in the nursery and no one moved a muscle. Today we gave everyone a bath...quite hilarious to watch the squirmy bodies, but they did well. They smell SO good too, there is nothing better.

Yesterday we matched the girls and had to take some more glamor shots. I just can't help myself. I'm sorry Mr. Wyatt...mommy will take pictures of just YOU this weekend. The girls were so funny. Of course no one will look at the same time, and at some point the girls crossed arms....SO sweet! Here are the Preemie Princesses posing. Abigail is on the left and Jessy Grace on the right.

We hope everyone has a great weekend! Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help with the babies and/or bring food. We are SO appreciative!


Christina said...
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Christina said...

Jessy Grace looks so irritated with her older sister in that second picture.