Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't MAKE me...

Mom, I really wish you would not...

take my picture!

Really...I'm serious...


OK, fine...I'll pose cute...
So will I...

Gotta love the pictures your mom "makes" you take. She just can't help herself!

Visiting Nana

We had a great visit this weekend seeing Nana who just recently was moved to a rehab facility in Dallas. Nana loved seeing the babies and of course holding her namesake, Abigail Ruth. Nana looked so pretty, and while she is not at all happy to be there...she is receiving the care she needs to get stronger in order to go home. Her temporary home had great therapy for her and activities for her to take part it. We are praying for a quick recovery Nana, we know you miss being home.

Here is Nana with Abigail

For the first time, Uncle Pat held one of the babies. He had so much fun getting Abigail to laugh.

Aunt Regina is in love with the triplets. She got Jessy Grace to sleep instantly and did not give her up!

The triplets and I had a special helper Madi Berry who is in love with the babies! She is such a big help and really enjoys making the babies smile. I told her I would home school her in home economics :) She had fun pushing the triplet Cadillac around Nana's floor!
The women on Nana's floor couldn't get over the cute babies and the nurses had fun rotating through the room to take a peek. It was a fun day and the trips did great!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dallas for a few Days

Last week we had a great time at Grammy and Pop-Pops. We went for a few days to not only have help but also spend time with my Mom, Rick, my brother Jamie and to see my Nana. Nana has been in and out of the hospital over the past few weeks, and this last week things have really changed. She has congestive heart failure and has now been moved from the hospital to a rehab facility to work on her strength and to get the 24 hour care she needs.

While we were in town, we went for an evening visit. The only "good" baby was Abigail....oh wow, it was quite the night of fussy babies. However, Nana held Abigail and Mom, Rick, Jamie and I juggled the other 2 back and forth. We did enjoy the company and Nana was glad we came for a visit. She just can't get over how big Wyatt is!
Nana holding Abigail
Wyatt and I in deep conversation before he decided to scream the rest of the night.
The Maya sling has been the best invention for me and his fussiness. I strap him in and he either calms or is fast asleep, as you can see here.

Uncle Bubbi, aka Jamie, was a great help. He loves him some triplets! He and I had the late night feedings and then we also fed ourselves. Hehe. The taco bell runs are so fun with Jamie. He was a great Uncle and I am so glad he and Dillon were there to help.
Bath time is always fun....for me at least. I really do like the quality time and as you can see I actually get in the bath too :) It really is the only way. They are too big for the sink and I will kill my back bending over the bathtub with three. So bathing suit and all, it is "spa time!" I'm sure only Mary Kay consultants call it "spa time" instead of bath time. :)

We had a great visit. Rick got to rest....
And Mom and Jamie got a new "triplet" picture.
I have to say the triplets are getting good at traveling and being out and about every week. They are sleeping really well and for the most part, I have eliminated the late night feeding. They are sleeping anywhere between 4:30 and 8 am. There has been lots more sleep around our house, however the days are more active so we all need the rest.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cousinette Stephanie's Shower

Cousin Stephanie is pregnant with baby 3....a boy lovingly known right now as Baby T. We got together with the women in our family to celebrate our new "cousinette!"

It was a girls Wyatt was invited. So...we had to play dress up. The girls despise their bows, or flowers in this case, so they are really only for the sake of pictures.

Abigail was in a good mood....
Then I added her sister and they got really mad. But really the faces are precious!!
Here is Stephanie ready to have this baby! Jessy Grace thought she was very comfortable.
Definitely a party pooper!

Mimi got more special time with the triplets...
And Aunt Jane flew in from the Woodlands and met the triplets for the first time. She fell in love!
Aunt Missie and Aunt Sassy look so pretty. Aunt Missie did an amazing job on the food for the party, it was all perfect! Wyatt is loving his Aunties at this point.
Baby T, Tristan, will be here soon and I am so excited for the triplets and Tristan to grow up together.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

East Texas Trip

Our bags were packed and we headed East. Last week I decided the best help we could have was for sure in East Texas. We left on Tuesday and stayed through the week. It was quite the scene to see as Jack loaded the Tahoe and the babies and I were off!

We had a fun week with lots of friends and family We had lots of help with feedings through the week and I had a great time visiting with Dad, Denise and Dillon...and I am SO appreciative of your help. A very special thank to Aunt Robin who showed up right on time for at least half of the feedings. She and Wyatt also had quite the bond as he got used to her and Nanny taking him outdoors where, just like is father, is his calming place.

The babies did great! They slept well, ate well and played well. I am so glad our trip was so successful for them...they are adjusting to traveling well!

Dillon was the BEST rocker and pacifier fixer :) Clearly, Abigail is content in both pictures!

Jamie Cody's beautiful daughter Lena loved holding Abigail too, and there is Poppa who is all about Miss. Jessy Grace
Wyatt loved his Jumperoo and ALL the babes LOVED the playmat that flahsed the "oh so interesting" lights!

Will loved rocking with Nanny and a baby....and...
Jessy Grace loved her "spa" bath time!
What a fun way to spend a summer will only be more fun next year when we can all swim in the pool!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 Months Old

Where the heck does the time go?!!? The babies were just born, and know 3 months has gone by!?! They are getting so big and have such personalities! Each one is special in their own way and when you hold and love on them they just melt your heart. I am the luckiest momma in the whole world!

It is quite the task to get a good picture of all three now. They move all over the place and squirm around. Poor little Wyatt is always in the middle and taking these pictures were hilarious....he just set there squished and with the look of "what the heck is going on!" Jessy Grace looks like she is smiling, don't let it fool you though, it's a scream. I always have fun taking these monthly pictures though, I get a great laugh!

Abigail is so alert and is growing into her face so much. She is filling out more and weighs, 9 pounds 6 ounces. Her big blue eyes will take your breath away, and her sweet smile is just bound to make you want to kiss her to pieces. She is very active and really like laying on her play mat looking at the lights. She is very calm and is quite content weather she is laying, swinging or being held.
Wyatt, oh little big man. Whoa, does he have a personality these days. He can go from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds, from smile to scream in no time. When he is sweet, oh he sweet....but when is mad, you better watch out!!! Hmmmmm, is he related to someone I know well!??! His eyes and little checks are precious and he is super snugly. He doesn't miss a meal, and is growing so fast! He weighs 12 pounds 3 ounces and mommy says that is more to love! He absolutely LOVES being outside and really enjoys his swing, and I mean "HIS" swing. It is pretty much off limits for the girls, because when he is fussy, for the most part he becomes content there. Just look at these eyes!
Jessy Grace didn't really care too much about 3 month pictures. She was so tired, "it's just real hard being little" she says. She weighs 9 pounds 7 ounces and loves to be rocked, her sweet smile just makes her Daddy go crazy. She really likes her bouncy seat and enjoys looking around, especially at the fans and lights. She is fairly calm as well, I would say middle natured compared to the other 2. She seems to be taking her bottle much better since she got her acid reflux medicine and is an awesome sleeper. If her brother and sister didn't wake up in the middle of the night, she would sleep until 6 am, I'm sure of it! Her little nose is super cute, and her features so dainty.
I couldn't resist!! Nanny got these precious outfits a long time ago, and I was SO glad they finally fit. What fun these girls will have together and this was just proof. Jessy stayed asleep during this photo session as well, and Abigail thought it was so funny!

The babies are doing so well and developing right on track. They are sleeping more through the night, and sometimes we are lucky when they sleep until 5 am. They have more awake time, but also are doing great with their schedule. They are traveling more and we are going places more which is nice for a change.

We continue to be blessed with the help of family, friends and loved ones. We COULD NOT do it without you! If you want to hold or feed a baby, you know where we live, we are grateful for all the volunteers.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

4th of July weekend was quite eventful, and I know the babies were worn out after the weekend! They had a fun time, and we enjoyed our friends and family.

Friday night our friends Katie, Keres and their kids Ava and George came into town and helped with the evening feedings. We had planned on going to Fourth Fest in Royse City, to watch fireworks, however the rain caused it to be canceled. We decided to go to dinner, we loaded up and headed to Fish Camp. This place is awesome for families, not only fabulous food, but also lots of room so we aren’t cramped with 3 high chairs. It was funny, we sat down and Keres said “I’m not sure if ya’ll noticed, but we are outnumbered!” 4 adults and 5 kids, WOW! We had a great dinner and of course loved the company.

Saturday Jack and David headed on a wild goose chase for crawfish, as we had decided to have a crawfish boil on Saturday. During the week several stores said they would have shipments Friday and/or Saturday and to call first thing Saturday morning to arrange for pick up. Well, Saturday morning came and no crawfish to be found. So about 40 calls later, miles around the DFW area, they ended up finding 35 pounds of crawfish. Thank goodness for KATHY BOLTON, as she came over Saturday all day to help me take care of the babies, and OH what a day. It was just a fussy day and we were going from baby to baby just making the rounds. We regrouped later in the early evening and headed to Kathy and David’s for crawfish, shrimp, fried catfish and lots of fixin’s to go with it. The babies did well, I think they were just worn out from the day for sure. Lezlee and Madde Berry then headed home with us to help with baths and bedtime bottle. SERIOUSLY WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT MY AMAZING FRIENDS!!!

Sunday we loaded up and headed to church and spent most of the actual 4th of July at home relaxing, catching up on rest and getting ready for a new week. The babies were all decked out in their red, white and blue. The girls looked so cute in the dresses their Aunt Christina sent them, and little man looked so handsome in his outfit Aunt Regina got him.

Happy first 4th of July babies!
Jessy Grace