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Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

4th of July weekend was quite eventful, and I know the babies were worn out after the weekend! They had a fun time, and we enjoyed our friends and family.

Friday night our friends Katie, Keres and their kids Ava and George came into town and helped with the evening feedings. We had planned on going to Fourth Fest in Royse City, to watch fireworks, however the rain caused it to be canceled. We decided to go to dinner, we loaded up and headed to Fish Camp. This place is awesome for families, not only fabulous food, but also lots of room so we aren’t cramped with 3 high chairs. It was funny, we sat down and Keres said “I’m not sure if ya’ll noticed, but we are outnumbered!” 4 adults and 5 kids, WOW! We had a great dinner and of course loved the company.

Saturday Jack and David headed on a wild goose chase for crawfish, as we had decided to have a crawfish boil on Saturday. During the week several stores said they would have shipments Friday and/or Saturday and to call first thing Saturday morning to arrange for pick up. Well, Saturday morning came and no crawfish to be found. So about 40 calls later, miles around the DFW area, they ended up finding 35 pounds of crawfish. Thank goodness for KATHY BOLTON, as she came over Saturday all day to help me take care of the babies, and OH what a day. It was just a fussy day and we were going from baby to baby just making the rounds. We regrouped later in the early evening and headed to Kathy and David’s for crawfish, shrimp, fried catfish and lots of fixin’s to go with it. The babies did well, I think they were just worn out from the day for sure. Lezlee and Madde Berry then headed home with us to help with baths and bedtime bottle. SERIOUSLY WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT MY AMAZING FRIENDS!!!

Sunday we loaded up and headed to church and spent most of the actual 4th of July at home relaxing, catching up on rest and getting ready for a new week. The babies were all decked out in their red, white and blue. The girls looked so cute in the dresses their Aunt Christina sent them, and little man looked so handsome in his outfit Aunt Regina got him.

Happy first 4th of July babies!
Jessy Grace

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