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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

East Texas Trip

Our bags were packed and we headed East. Last week I decided the best help we could have was for sure in East Texas. We left on Tuesday and stayed through the week. It was quite the scene to see as Jack loaded the Tahoe and the babies and I were off!

We had a fun week with lots of friends and family We had lots of help with feedings through the week and I had a great time visiting with Dad, Denise and Dillon...and I am SO appreciative of your help. A very special thank to Aunt Robin who showed up right on time for at least half of the feedings. She and Wyatt also had quite the bond as he got used to her and Nanny taking him outdoors where, just like is father, is his calming place.

The babies did great! They slept well, ate well and played well. I am so glad our trip was so successful for them...they are adjusting to traveling well!

Dillon was the BEST rocker and pacifier fixer :) Clearly, Abigail is content in both pictures!

Jamie Cody's beautiful daughter Lena loved holding Abigail too, and there is Poppa who is all about Miss. Jessy Grace
Wyatt loved his Jumperoo and ALL the babes LOVED the playmat that flahsed the "oh so interesting" lights!

Will loved rocking with Nanny and a baby....and...
Jessy Grace loved her "spa" bath time!
What a fun way to spend a summer will only be more fun next year when we can all swim in the pool!

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