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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Special People & Happy Birthday!

This week I had my check up with Dr. Romberg....all went well. Mom and I took the babies to see Dr. Romberg and to meet all the special people who helped bring the babies into the world. It was fun to get them dressed and ready...and for sure entertaining for people to see three babies walking in to the doctors office.

First, Dr. Romberg....probably the most precious Doctor I know. She is so caring, thoughtful and prayerful for her patients. She made the best decisions during my pregnancy and the health of me and the triplets is because of her. I am so grateful the Lord placed her in our path. My joke with Dr. Romberg is that she has a secret helicopter to get all the places she needs to go. She is a single mother of 2, offices at Mesquite and Baylor Dallas and many days goes both places...I have NO clue how she does all the things she does so calmly and with ease. She is pretty awesome! Thank you Dr. Romberg!
And here is Miss. Heather....Dr. Romberg's precious nurse. She was always so helpful and answered my million phone messages and questions about my pregnancy. I know she must play an important part in keeping Dr. Romberg organized and in check every day with all of her patients. Thank you Heather!
And last, but certainly NOT least is our a very special friend and great sonographer Carrie. She practically knew the babies as well as we did before they were here as each week she took a peek at the to see their growth and progress. She did an amazing job monitoring me throughout the pregnancy and also took some amazing pictures of the babies in utero. Thank you Carrie!
The babies "official" due date was Friday, May 21st! Wow, I can't even imagine them in my belly this entire time. That is a lot of baby. Here are their weight stats:
Abigail - 6 pounds, 10 ounces
Wyatt - 7 pounds, 14 ounces
Jessy Grace - 6 pounds, 7 ounces

Jack and I got to have our date night on Friday, thank to Robin and Mike Skahan. We at on the deck of Fish Camp in Royse City....very yummy. This weekend we were quite the family of 5, as Jack and I decided to not have help this weekend. Alone time was needed and just time to see if we could do it. Well....we did, however Saturday was much better than Friday. The babies were so fussy Friday night and did not sleep well at all. At one point I actually slept with a boppy pillow on the floor in the nursery with Wyatt and Abigail, because they would not stop crying..and it was easier to stay in the room than to go back and forth. Saturday went much smoother and the night feedings much better. Thank goodness!

Our Sunday has been very relaxed and laid back and tonight Mimi is here to help. And I sit here and type Mimi is having a full conversation with Jessy Grace. Probably the sweetest thing ever.
I know this week will be great!

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Christina said...

Wyatt weighs what Kacy did when she was born!