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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dr. Romberg & Sandra's House

I had my yearly appointment with Dr. Romberg today and wanted to take the babies along so she and our amazing sonographer friend Carrie could see in person how amazingly big and healthy they are. Our dear family friend, Sandra…also known as “Gran-sie” lives really close to the doctor’s office, so I decided she might be a good person to hang out with for all of this fun. She was so excited and we did have a lot of fun!

The fun part for the day was scheming how exactly we were going to do everything, however it all seemed worth it and went over pretty well. So, while I was in my appointment with Dr. Romberg Sandra drove around the area so they would continue to stay sleeping. Then when I was about to leave I called her and we met in the parking lot. I decided the Triple Decker stroller was too much work for such a quick visit to see our friends, so I decided we would just carry them in. Perfect idea! We unstrapped the car seat belts, left purses and diaper bags behind and headed inside.

Dr. Romberg couldn't believe how big they had gotten! She was able to get them all in her lap for a quick pic.

After the appointment it was feeding time again, so we loaded back up and went back to Gran-sie’s house. After their feeding we played for a bit, but our next goal, I mean stop....was to Babies R Us. Here is Sandra having fun with her favorite babies...

I had things to take back to Babies R Us, things to look at, stuff to buy and was way too close to the store not to go. Sandra and I loaded back up and down the street we went. After a quick bit to eat in the Chicken Express parking lot we got the Triple Decker stroller out and into the store we went. Sandra insisted on pushing the stroller, which was fine…however I swear everyone who gave us the usual double take thought she was my Nanny. Oh, well…she was a huge help, and I could NOT have gotten the shopping done that I needed to without her. There was not really a way I could look how I wanted to and push the stroller at the same time. It was fun!
After Babies R Us, I wanted to go to the mall to take back another item AND search for some leggings for the girls. We didn’t have too much time until the next feeding so we were on a mission. The trip to the mall was the first for the babies, and overall they did well. Lots of stares, questions and comments of course…but I let Sandra handle most of the comments, she was great at it! We had a fun day and of course were worn out at the end, but it was all worth it.
We headed home before 5 pm traffic got crazy….Another successful outing in the books. I think I am getting this down!

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