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Friday, June 18, 2010

Million Dollar Questions...

So over the course of my pregnancy, and now that we have three, there are 2 questions that I get quite often. There are different versions of these questions, so here are some examples, and I hope my answers help some of our followers and their curiosity :)

1. Were you planning to have three? Do triplets run in your family? Did you do fertility?
2. Are those triplets!?! (Make sure you when you say the word triplets you SOUND it out!) Wow, are those triplets? Man you have your hands full with three.

So, here are the answers.

1. No, Jack and I were not "planning" to have three babies. A condition called polysistic ovarian syndrome prevented me from ovulating on a normal basis. After almost a year of trying my doctor recommended we try an oral medicine called clomid. She warned me that if the first dose took there is a chance for multiples, but as I remember the statistics it was a 6-7% chance of twins and less than 1% chance for triplets. (She didn't even tell us the triplet part, just the twin part. We found out the triplet statistic at our first OB appointment). Anywho, after 1 pill of the smallest dose, 8 weeks later we had 3 babes. When I found out I was pregnant I had a feeling I was having twins. Don't ask me why...just a feeling. And, multiples do run on my side of the family so our chances were higher there. So, there you invetro or shots, however a little help to get going...obviously it worked, AND I would not want it any other way!! God has this plan already in his book way before we did.

2. YES they ARE triplets!! No I don't run a day care with matching car seats. People really do crack me up. I have to share this cartoon I found and hope you get a nice laugh.

So there you have it....for the curious cats out there I hope this helps.


Judy said...

you are a hoot!! no wonder God chose you to be Jacks wife and the mother of three, takes a special lady!! Jack is blessed that he has someone who keeps him from being to serious, and I am so proud of both of you and have only met you one time!! I pray for you, all five of you, all the time and my heart just swells with joy for Jack to have such an awesome life!!!!!!!!!!!

Cherie said...

haha! I can totally relate to hearing those questions, over and over!!! The "are those twins?" Really is hilarious.

Wendy said...

Love how some people need to know everything these days. I think people must be really focused on multiples these days because I can't tell you how many times strangers have asked if my boys are twins. Um, look again! They're two years and eight months apart. Come on people! I can't wait to add another boy to the mix. Maybe I'll get some triplet comments too.

Glad things seem to be going so well. I really enjoy reading all your updates and seeing so many pictures of those sweet babes.

ehoppie said...

I get that question all the time - my girls are triplets - not twins - we lost their little brother. However - for the random stranger in the supermarket - yes - they are twins - and NO twins do not run in my family - however - they do run in the INVITRO family. LOL!!! Enjoyed the cartoon! PS - Yes my hands are FULL - it's better than the alternative!!

Kate said...

I feel ya...I live in a VERY small town so I don't get the question around here as much. (We were/are local celebrities.) lol But when we go to the mall (in a larger town about 30 minutes away) I get the question OVER AND OVER! My monstrous quad stroller doesn't help the situation I suppose.

I also get the "do multiples run in the family?" question ALL the time. Weird thing is, my 92 yr old grandmother said she has an Aunt who had triplets but none survived as it was back before 1900.
I also have to tell them that we were only trying to have ONE more, totally natural. But God is good, I got three miracles!!!