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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Overnight with Family

Wednesday morning we packed up after the 8 am feeding and headed to my Aunt Sally (aka Aunt Sassy) and Uncle Jimmy's house. Aunt Sally helped so much with the babies when they were first born and also was a pediatric nurse so it is great to helpful advice from her. It was cool when we got out, so I had to try to new BabyLegs Aunt Katie got the girls...and it's official, I'm obsessed with dressing them for the day. I absolutely LOVE it! My dear friend Chrystel also the girls these precious hats at Canton, they had to wear those too!
Abigail is all about her feet and toes so she loves her BabyLegs!

My cousin Stephanie also just had a baby boy just a few months ago, Tristan, so we had to get them all together and play! We arrived by the noon feeding on Wednesday and hung out at Aunt Sassy's.

Steph brought some of her baby toys for the trips, they enjoyed playing on new stuff. Jessy Grace loved the neat boundy seat!

Ty and Tanner came over to play and before we knew it there were the same about of kids as their were adults.
Uncle Jimmy grilled out yummy chicken and BBQ ribs. By the end of the day the babies were worn out! It was not much after 7:30 and they were ready for bed.
Thursday morning Aunt Sally thought it would be fun to get out...and I am not ever really opposed to that, especially when there are more than 2 adults!! So, we loaded the babies and headed to a great outdoor shopping area in Southlake. It was a beautiful day, so we took a blanket, grabbed lunch and enjoyed the nice weather.
Jessy Grace, Wyatt, Abigail, Tristan

While were having lunch I asked what the thoughts were on getting the girls ear pierced. I had helpers who were in, and felt like today was the day. The girls did well, they cried, but not for too long and as soon as we started strolling they were asleep. I was nervous about how it would all work, but it really wasn't too terrible.
Here a few pictures of that adventure.

Jessy Grace is done, it's Abigail's turn...
I won't go into much detail for that's done and the girls look precious with their earrings and won't ever have to do it again ;)
We had a great over night stay with family. I am so blessed to have family close by and willing to help, plus is really helps break the weeks up and not get so monotonous for us all. I think we might do it again in the near future!

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