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Monday, March 29, 2010

Negative & Positive

So I have been procrastinating on an update for one main reason. No one wants to hear a "negative nelly!" I feel like when I post I need to be more upbeat and positive, like I try to be outside of bed rest days. However, we are approaching week 11 of bedrest and I am officially miserable. Mentally and physically I am drained. My body hurts and my days are long. I find myself getting up more and more to stretch and pee and just getting up is a chore in itself. Sleeping is overrated, and while I know you are thinking, get it now because you won't when the babies get here...I know this, but I'm not sleeping now and I would much rather have a different purpose for being awake. I know, I know life will be different with the babies, but I am ready!

However, since I started with negative I must end with a positive. I know how blessed I am to have made it almost 33 weeks! Wow. I follow several triplet blogs and have made a small group of friends among the moms through this journey. I have read the blog back to when they were pregnant and on bed rest, etc and none of them made it past 30 weeks. Our babies are growing every day and I am so glad they are still cooking, really I am.

This weekend started off slow, but I enjoyed Sunday with lots of friends and family. It made the day go by faster and that is a good thing! After church my friend Kari and her daughter Bailey came over for a visit. Then Dad, Denise and Dillon got here with a yummy lunch! Later in the afternoon my Aunt Regina came over with lots of food and then Laura came over with more food! I also got a foot rub which was awesome, thanks Laura!

The nursery is pretty much ready for the triplets. Really it is ready, I am just waiting on a few pieces of bedding and some pictures in frames to go on the book shelf. I will have to take pictures soon so everyone can see the final product. For a normal size room, I think we have done a pretty good job getting all the beds and extra stuff in there without looking too crazy. The colors all turned out amazing and it is for sure packed from wall to wall.

Spring is here and I know that means amazing new blessings! I do feel blessed and know this state is only temporary. We head to the doctor on Thursday for our regular appointment. I will update after that!


Judy said...
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Judy said...

Amanda, I am as amazed of you now as I was when you were 5. You are a very special person (and a gifted writer). I sooo look forward to every post, and can't wait to hear what's news each week! By the way, whining IS allowed! My love to you, family of 5. As always, looking forward to hearing more! Judy Kennedy