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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day, A Great Report!

Well we have made it to 12 weeks!!! And what a great day for the veteran daddy to get a good report! The first tri-mester is wrapping up and the chance for miscarriage has dramatically decreased. Praise God!! The first appointment was with the high risk specialist whose main goal was to check for downs syndrome on each baby. The babies checked out great and each has strong heartbeats and measured the proper length. She also measured my cervix which she said look "really strong." Of course with 3 this will be very important because the longer the babies stay in, the better. Unless something comes up during the pregnancy, I will not see the high risk doctor again.

We then headed over to see Dr. Romberg for my regular appointment. We got to see the babies again and Kari, the sonographer took some great shots of A, B and C's profiles! We could see their little hands and watched them move all around. It is amazing they are moving so much and I can't feel it yet. It was awesome. Dr. Romberg scheduled me for the H1N1 shot and told me to go ahead and get a flu shot. I also started getting a head cold this week so she let me know what over the counter medicine's I can take. She was satisfied with my progress and will see me again in 3 weeks. We are hoping we might be able to maybe tell the sexes of the babies then, but it will probably be at our 18 week appointment where we can really see.

We took Jack's granny back home this week, so I can now work on getting the nursery started. I found a baby bed I really like at Lone Star Baby store in Dallas and found precious bedding for a girl. Trying to still figure out if the babies are a mix how to decorate, but I think I am going to go with pink, brown, and green and blue, brown and green mix. Need to still find the bedding, but I think those colors will come together well.


Kate said...

Hi! My name is Kate.

I was sent a link to your blog by my cousin who is a friend of a friend of yours. (I'm sorry...I don't know any names.) I hope its ok.

I just found out that I am 11 weeks pregnant with triplets. All natural, no fertility drugs. I'm still in shock! I hope we can keep in touch to compare our stories.

Congrats to you!

Family of 5! said...

Kate, I would LOVE to keep in touch! My email is Can't wait to keep in touch!!!

Jules said...

It is all so exciting! Thank you for keeping us up to date with the doctor's appointments. I think your color choices are great and you should be able to find them pretty easily. (Check online first to keep from running yourself silly). I am GLAD you are getting the H1N1 shot. I heard on the news today that it is extremely important for pregnant women and infants to have. Call if you need ANYTHING!!