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Friday, April 13, 2012

2nd Birthday Party Prep

Well the Dr. Suess Thing 1, 2 and 3 theme was ALL I could talk, think and plan about for the month of March and first week of April. I can't help it!!! It was such a blast, and with the amazing ideas on Pinterest and other fabulous websites, there was NO way I could just do "minimal" on the food department! There were WAY too many great ideas for Dr. "Suessy" food! 

The food preparation started Friday with my fabulous friends. Seriously I could NOT have asked for anyone than these awesome ladies to be there to help! Katie Fite, Sarah Harrison and Chrystel and Madde Ross. They were so amazing to help with all the prep work to make the next day truly fabulous! I do have to say hubby was pretty awesome at getting things organized and in order as well. He had the yard ready, the bouncy house in place and made sure I had everyyhing I needed to make the day perfect for our babies big 2nd birthday!!!

Here we are baking away!!
Miss Ava making sure we had all of goodies ready!
If you ever wanted a mini cupcake, this was the party to be at!
A few special touches!
We can't forget the guest of honors's wardrobe :)
The evening of planning was PerFecT!!!

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