Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Glimpse in the life of...

You stay home? Oh, what do you do all day? I'm sure you have your hands full? Do you work? 

The questions really could go on and on....
Some people get it, some people have not a clue, BUT let me be the first to tell you, that stay at home Moms are a special kind. I am NOT just saying that because I stayed home, I am saying that now because as I type I have been working outside the home for the first time in almost 3.5 years. The difference for me is clear... Staying home is mentally exhausting, working outside the home is physically exhausting. Such a difference. I mean really, the instant they get up they each ask at least 50 questions and they are already at 150%, totally ready to hit the day running. They have more energy than the energizer bunny, they are quicker to destroy a room than anything you have ever seen....bottom line, they wear me out!!!

Here is when I officed from home and attempted to do Tri County Septic office work and Mary Kay. Not too much work going on here except destroying the office.
Playdoh anyone? A great activity to keep everyone occupied. The clean up isn't really fun, but the silent activity is worth it ;)
Then we have story time with Elmo...
It's time for Elmo to go to bed...
A typical day at the grocery store, no cart necessary, just use the cho-cho wagon...
My diva helpers ready to "work!"
This picture was from several months back, but I had to include and show that the busyness started early!
Sometimes we have to take a "time out!" This corner has been used so many times now you can't even imagine!
And if we get really crazy, or are really lucky and Daddy come's home from work early, we get a fort! As you can see Abigail is all about this fort!
I don't take back any of these memories for a second. Every day I realize the blessings I have and how grateful I am for the patience the Lord has given me. Not every day is easy and some days I have more than 1 glass of wine by 7 pm, ha, BUT staying home with my little people has been a privilege, and I would not have had it any other way!