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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Monday, January 17, 2011

Daddy Duty

Every year Mary Kay Inc, puts on a fabulous conference for Sales Directors all across the United States. The company educates, inspires and motivates the independent sales force for the year, as well as informs us on the new products and trends to look for through the year. It is an amazing experience and fabulous girlfriend time. It is always in January and each year in a different state, last year I wasn't able to go and it was in San Diego, California...this year right in my backyard, Houston, Texas. While the location wasn't all that fabulous, the time away was refreshing for me. I had a wonderful time, had continuous adult conversation and didn't do the same thing every day, hehe.

I feel so totally blessed to have the best of both worlds, with ability to be a mommy first with the flexibility to help bring income home to my family. A company that is based on God first, family second and career third and a place where I am surrounded by positive and encouraging women that praise me to success. God knew what he was doing when he placed this business in my path 7 years ago.
Here is my director girlfriend, Paula from Iowa. We are great roommates and have a wonderful time every year!

We got out early one evening and had a fun girls night out.
Paula, Me, Sandra and Darla

And my new goal, the Chevy Equinox....three convertible car seats will fit ;)

I missed my little lovebugs terribly, BUT they were in great hands! It was the first time I was away for longer than 2 days, it is amazing how much I missed them. Wednesday through Friday I had a rotation of family and close friends, but every night and all day Saturday Daddy duty was on. I was so proud of how well Jack did! I don't know too many daddy's out there can handle three 9 month old babies all alone.

He did a good job of sending me pictures of the babies while I was gone. Here are a few of them.

Sweet Abigail, laughing and playing...
Wyatt and his bed head...that boy seriously snuggles with his bumper pads!

Jessy Grace and this face...just cracks me up!
And here is Daddy's new way to feed 3 babies at one time...I was quite impressed!!

We are grateful for the Mary Kay opporunity that allows me to work from home while having the freedom to be with my babies. I could not ask for more...

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