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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow in Texas....Sun the next week!

We had decided to head to Hughes Springs the first part of February. Little did we know that the weather would be so bad that we would be inside for several days. Talk about cabin fever! We had a good visit and Poppa and Nanny had a great time with the trips.

Jessy had to show off her skills....she is standing up all by herself! Look out brother and sister, I'm about to walk all over you! Notice the leg under the couch behind her....oh wow it is getting crazy!

The babies did really well. They slept good and ate great!

Abigail loved playing with the kitchen measuring spoons...

Wyatt loved dropping them and having someone pick them up again...
And Jessy like banging the spoons on her tray.
Nanny loved reading and playing paddy-cake.

We lost TV for a day, almost 2, and Dad decided a puzzle would be a good project. I was excited to have a project! He and I stayed up, had a few glasses of wine, and really focused on getting the border finished. However, we were not successful so we headed to bed and decided to start again the next day. The next day we resorted to counting the pieces because we knew there were some missing...and pieces were in fact missing! When the TV came back on that project was over! Good memories. ;)
We were snowed in all week! I'm talking several inches of snow in East Texas and at home. Luckily on Saturday the sun came out and melted the roads enough to go home! When we got home the weather quickly changed and it was beautiful outside over the next days! We spent time outdoors playing, the babies loved it!
I haven't taken a picture of all three of them in awhile so I thought today was a good day. They actually are all smiling in this picture which is really fun!



Jessy Grace
We had a great first part of February despite the freezing, but I am totally ready for spring!!

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