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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Day of Mother's Day Out

June has been quite the month of milestones for this MoMma. One of the big events that took place this month was sending the babies to Mother’s Day Out. Jack and I had them registered for the Fall, however when I found out there were 3 spots available for the summer…we had quick conversation and both agreed we were ready! It would give me 10 hours a week to work, get house chores actually complete and take some stress off of me. I am grateful for the means to be able to send them to First Baptist Church here in Royse City. 

Because I was unsure how the whole nap time would work, we practiced the day before with out nap mats. Um....they LOVED them!
Here is our set up getting ready with lunches and back packs....
And then, here are my angel babies. Excuse me, when did they get to be like little people exactly? I have NO idea where the time went. Mimi was there to help get them ready to be there by 9 and Jack met us at the Church. Here is their first "school" picture.
Their teachers name is Miss. Meggan and Miss. Claire. Both are so sweet and really have a love for children.
And a few shots of them already playing and having a great time!
They did great when I left, no crying...instead excited to play with new toys!
I came home after dropping them off and was not quite sure to do with myself. It was quiet and still....however, I quickly snapped out of that stillness and got to work around the house and in the office. The time they are at MDO has really helped my stress, and even better the babies have already learned SO much. They were excited when I picked them up at 2 pm that day!

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