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Friday, June 1, 2012

Swim Lessons at Aunt Sassy’s

Jack and I have been talking about swim lessons for the summer, but really were not sure how we were going to do it with 3 babies and 1 mommy. I knew I might get 1 consistent volunteer, but what about baby #3.

My Aunt Sally (Aunt Sassy) has a family friend, Sue, who has been teaching swimming lessons for over 40 years, and she suggested I speak with here about the possibility of doing lessons. So, I contact Sue this spring and we scheduled lessons the week of Memorial Day. That meant also, we would spend the week at Aunt Sassy and Uncle Jimmy's house.

It was kinda like a stay-cation, and mixed up the days a little for us. The babies LOVED the new place and had a blast swimming, playing with their cousins, chasing the cat and trying to pet the dog. MOST of all they LOVED swim lessons.
Here is day #1 headed downstairs to the pool....CHEESE!!
Day #1 a success, only 3 more left....
One of the days we were there we went to the Ft. Worth Zoo with my cousin Darrah and her son, Knox. The Ft. Worth Zoo was awesome! The babies could see the animals and were really excited to watch them move and make noises. I was very impressed.
Another day we headed to Costco with Aunt Sassy and then had yummy yogurt at a fabulous place called Yogurt Land. The babies really enjoyed their cold dessert.
By Thursday, on Day 4 of swim lessons, the babies were very comfortable in the water. They could put their heads under and hold their breathe for a short amount of time and even could wiggle "swim" their way to the side. I personally learned a ton on training and working with them and know with consistent work this summer they will only improve.

I enjoyed spending time with my Aunt and Uncle in their beautiful home, seeing my cousins and cousinettes and making summer memories that will last forever!

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