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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Potty Training a TRIO

Well I have dreaded this day! Not because I didn’t think they were ready, but honestly because of the “inconvenience” it would be for me and our daily routine. I knew they would be potty-ing 24/7 for several days and who knew how long it would take for them to get the hang of it. I had been mentally pre-planning for quite some time. I  had a “head game plan” going on and played it over and over until I felt confident that it would work. And, let’s just be honest….that is what I do ALL the time with the trips. If we have event, or an outing, or something unusual that we haven’t done before, then I do that...crazy I know, but it helps me think of different scenarios and what we may encounter.

So the biggest encouragement was my triplet mom friend, Angela Tew. She has triplet boys who are about 7 months older than my babies. She is always a great resource and kind of like our "Fairy Godmother" of our Royse City Area Mothers of Multiples Group. I also used a resource from a friend I have been on a few outings with who has quads. Her blog, Cox Quads, was a big help in getting things organized.

We started off in the bathroom, a mistake, I'll explain later. Luckily I had our friend Ginger here all day to help me with the process. We gave them stickers for successful pee-pee'ing in the potty and went at least every 15 minutes. Here was the original set up.
 Well....this is what happened. We have gate that separates the living room and the entry way. Then entry way leads to the hall, and then to the bathroom....and of course all the rooms. Well, we we cross the gate I lose all control. They may, or may not go to the bathroom, instead will run and hide, grab things in the office...anything to "play," when they are supposed to be potty-ing. Well...after a HORRIBLE 1st day, I talked to Angela and she suggested to put the potties in the living room. I was not excited about it at all towards the beginning, but she insisted it would make my life easier and that they would not associate the living room with potty-ing. That was my biggest fear.... Well...she was right!  
After taking potties inside and outside...
Spending many hours outside naked, or inside barely clothed for that matter....
We reached a point of success, and while we still have accidents from time to time, these smart babies picked it up quickly and are doing great. Potties are in the living room, a perfect distance away for an "emergency," and I am pleased with the success they are having.

Now, don't think it's all that and smooth sailing....
From time to time, we have to read...some things take awhile....
We carry a potty with us at all times and make sure to go before we get out of the car for an outing. It is MUCH easier to go on a traveling potty than it is to stop at a gas station and unload all three, or take them to a bathroom in a restaurant. This is especially important if I am out with them alone. They are still wearing diapers at nap time and bed time, and not sure exactly when and how we will transition there, but I am not ready yet because we still have crib tents on the baby beds to keep them in. I do know that for my kids, wearing pull-ups were confusing to them, they weren't sure if it was a diaper or panties. I opted to not use a pull-up while potty training. Of course I had more mess to clean, but I think overall it helped them "get it."
Good times, and just one more milestone in this thing called parenthood! Thanks to all those people in our life who have provided such great support and advice!

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