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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Monday, May 7, 2012

DeWitt Family Beaver's Bend Family Trip

My Dad’s family has been planning a family vacation to Beavers Bend State Park since last year. We are grateful to my cousin Darrah who planned the entire trip for us all to enjoy. It was quite the scene packing our family and loading up for a trip. Other than going to Arkansas and East Texas, this was our first road trip for an extended time with the triplets. We left Thursday afternoon with the intentions of getting settled before dinner Thursday night. Each night a different cabin cooked dinner, and our cabin had the first night. We got there just in time to unload and start the grill!

We spent a lot of time outside of course and enjoyed fishing, swimming and entertaining the trio. Cousin Matt did a great job showing the trips how to throw rocks and get close to the water in hopes to see fish.  
My cousin Alison recently adopted a beautiful baby girl, Sienna from China. The triplets enjoyed getting to know Sienna, and while Sienna has had quite the transition, she had a wonderful time playing and being entertained by the trio. One afternoon we enjoyed playing on this awesome playground.
 We brought the babies swimming pool which every day was a hit.
And, there was a train that took us around a portion of the park and the babies loved seeing the animals and riding the train.
One day we found a great spot on the river and enjoyed the water.
We had a fabulous 3 days with fun filled activities and memories. I love having a large family and sharing these times together. We plan to make this a yearly event and has we grow and more "cousinettes" are added, it will just get more and more fun.
I will say the ride home was not the most pleasant....miserable babies wanting to stop every 30 minutes. I tried to keep Abigail busy coloring anything...
Wyatt just couldn't get comfortable...
And Jessy decided talking on Daddy's phone was a really good option.
Oh well, we made it home!

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