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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

30 Month Check Up

Oh the world of 2.5 year olds!!! It is quite the task, quite the challenge and even more the joy. It is truly amazing how fast they are learning, how much they pick up, and how much they wear me out!!!! They are SUPER active and more independent. They play together well, but just like normal siblings, get on each others nerves. People ask me often if they pair up or play with someone over another. The answer is yes, but it changes by the day. Sometimes 2 will pair up and the 3rd will play alone, and the next day it will switch around.

Here we are in the waiting room at the doctors office for their check up...
Somehow I didn't get pictures of each baby....probably something to the effect that they were being wild in the exam room and I wasn't thinking about it. BUT at least you get 1/3 of the crew.
Here are their stats...
Abigail 29 pounds, 36.5 inches
Wyatt 30 pounds, 35.75 inches
Jessy Grace 30 pounds, 5 ounces - 36.5 inches

NO shots at this appointment, YEAH!! They are all growing strong and developing well. They still have really bad allergies, but other than that there is nothing medically an issue. Jack and I are so blessed to have healthy babies! Can't even believe it has been almost 3 years!!

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