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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sorry for the delayed post! It seems like every time I wanted to post after our appointment last Wednesday, something always came up. But, to go back to last week, our appointment was great! I think our doctor was even pleasantly surprised. All three of the babies heart rates were strong, the fluid measured perfect, and they all weighed the same, 5 oz. Dr. Romberg again was satisfied with the report and since my last appointment my cervix length has not changed (which is great) AND I only gained 1 pound. Now this seems crazy to me, because I am much bigger, but I am guessing my weigh is shifting!?!? Who knows, it won't be long though and I will be ridiculously large. I will start going weekly to measure my cervix as this will determine pre-term labor and/or bed rest. The appointment will be quick, but again as a pre-caution and weekly monitoring. I go back for my 3 week appointment on Dec. 23 and at that time they will measure growth and anatomy. I love going these appointments, it is pretty amazing how all the babies are growing!

As for house preparations, they are coming along. I would say they are not as quick as I would like, but I'm pretty sure if I nest anymore Jack is going to go CRAZY!!! I can't help it!!!! I want it all to be done, just in case I go on bed rest. The office/guest room is almost done. I am half way finished painting and just need to put the curtain up. I will before and after soon. Once that is complete I will start on the nursery.

I decided on bedding and am so grateful for Mrs. Katie Fite, who gave me a set of custom girl bedding. I am using the girl bedding and ordering fabric and Mrs. Adelstein (another family friend) will be sewing it for me! It is going to look awesome! Greens, blues, pinks! I am going to paint the walls a light sage green.

I am feeling good and so blessed. I have a lot more energy than the first tri-mester and I am keeping down my food. I do get sick in the morning, but it is not a big deal and really nothing compared what it was before. I am starting to get weirded out by my growing belly. I love rubbing it and thinking about the babies, but it is getting hard to get up from sitting, or get out of bed...those things you don't really think about.

Enjoy the pictures in the previous post, I am so excited for a mixture of boys and girls!

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