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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Lots has happened since I have posted last. I really need to get better at this! Jack and David painted the nursery and finished the guest room. This week trim will go up and I know it will look awesome once it is complete.

Nursery Guest Room

Jack and I went to Arkansas last weekend to have Christmas with his Dad and step mom. The weekend was very relaxing and we had a nice time visiting, being outside and watching movies.

What an awesome Christmas week! Jack and I had our doctors appointment on 12/23 and at this appointment not only measured my cervix but also measured the anatomy of each baby. Let me just say my doctor said and I quote "you are a rockstar!!" It was an awesome appointment and amazing relief. My cervix length has stayed the same and looks great. Each baby measured on track and all of their heads, stomachs, arms, legs, bladder, kidney's, etc were strong. Baby A and Baby C weigh 8 ounces and Baby B, 9 ounces. Right on track during this week of pregnancy, 18 1/2 weeks. So here are the "official" names: Baby A - Abigail Ruth, Baby B - Wyatt Michael and Baby C - Jessy Grace...2 girls and a boy. I go back each week and will start seeing the doctor now every 2 weeks. My belly is definitely getting bigger and really the only complaint I have is my back sleeping at night. I feel so blessed at the babies strength and growth each week.

We left Wednesday after our doctors appointment for East Texas and had a great time with the Kasling family. We exchanged gifts Thursday afternoon and had a wonderful meal and then headed to Candlelight Christmas Eve service. Christmas morning Santa came and brought lots of fun gifts for everyone :) including Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy. Friday we headed to Dallas for the Earle family Christmas and Saturday evening ended with DeWitt family Christmas and an awesome game of Bingo. It was a wonderful time with friends and family and I feel so grateful to have everyone in my life.
Here are a few of the fun outfits the babies received. There are lots more, but Daddy and Aunt Christina gave us these fun outfits!

From Daddy Aunt Christina gave us these that say "just spent 9 months on the inside"


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Hahaha! Those outfits are awesome!! And P.S. - I have a hat very similar to yours with a red cross :) You look great, Amanda!