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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

20 Weeks...Half Way There!!!

The Christmas break was awesome and much needed! I felt like I really took 2 weeks off and it was so nice to get that kind of break. Breakfast every morning, showers later in the afternoon and lots and lots of organization around the house. I had a great time hanging out with friends and family, and just getting to do my own thing.

Here are the list of accomplishments:
Paint and trim complete in nursery, thank you Jack!
Paint and trim complete in office/guest room, thank you Jack!
Rocker glider covered, thank you Chrystel!
Fan put up in office/guest room
Master closet completely reorganized
Emptied nursery closet and shelves put up
Ordered fabric for bedding
I feel like there is more, but these were the major to-do's.
I am starting to get and feel really big. I know, I know, I am going to get much bigger....but it is starting to happen fast. I have started feeling the babies move a little, not big movements, but just small flutters. It is just unreal that 3 people are growing inside of me!!! God is just amazing!!

My doctors appointments have gone well over the past 3 weeks. I see the doctor this week so I am hoping for a good report. I am starting to feel more pressure down low and I am not sure if that is just normal or if I am starting to get heavier and it is harder to hold up. My back is the only complaint...if I could get rid of the mid right back pain I would be the happiest pregnant women out there. I am grateful for a husband who gives good back rubs and a new massage chair my mom and Rick got us for Christmas.

I need to take better pictures, but here are ones I had from the rooms so far.

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