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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't Anticipate!

Anticipate nothing!! Philippians 4:6 - "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." I really think I will learn this, through this journey. Of course we can plan, we can organize, but when we really anticipate we can easily be disappointed, frustrated or let down and easily forget WHO is in charge!

So yesterday, Monday was just a long day. Jack got here Sunday night and stayed the evening in hopes to see the high risk specialist, Dr. Yost, early on Monday. The doctor did not stay on our floor long, as we were quickly told at 10 am she had to go back to her office. Jack didn't want to leave for work in fear of missing the doctor is she came back, but again, we had no way of knowing. So we just hung out.....

The normal morning, vitals, meds and monitoring routine. All the babies seemed to cooperate and each one's heart rates were like champs! They have been really active, and the nurses say since they are so little they have room to move like they are, however...soon they will be sort of stuck in their places. Poor little babies :) I just want them comfy.

By noon I wanted to BREAK OUT!! I don't know who was worse, me or Jack. So he got approval and brought the wheel chair to the bedside, and we were outta there. We went to the cafeteria for lunch and OMG the selection...too many choices for a preggo lady! I ended up with a bacon cheese burger on was SOOOO good!!!! I had a blast looking at all the food with Jack and he was so sweet making sure I saw everything and helped me with all my fixin's. As we sat down I saw lots of groups of students or residents sitting around so then we starting laughing at how it was like Grey's was fun. Aunt Regina came to visit, but when we weren't in the room came to find us in the cafeteria. She took this picture for us.

After our lunch date we headed back up to the room and while Jack watched some old boring western movie, Aunt Regina and I visited. She stayed for almost 2 hours and bless her heart, just wanted to hear the babies heart beats....but that wasn't going to happen again until 4 so she decided to leave around 2.

Most of the afternoon Jack and I talked about me staying in the hospital and that it was probably the best decision. After a break down and selfish moments, I realized that if that was the verdict, per the doctor, that I would survive and suck it up. The nurse came about 6 and I headed to the sono room where Dr. Yost measured my cervix. The cerclage (or stitches) placed looked good, and the procedure was still healing. With pressure I was funneling, however I gained .3 mm of cervical length from the procedure. All the babies fluid looked great and overall she was very pleased that the stitches were in place and would report back to Dr. Romberg. "GOOD GOSH", I thought to myself...."I want to know TONIGHT what the heck is going on and if I am stuck here or at home." Just an answer, either way I would be fine. But NOPE, back to the room went went and would find out tomorrow.

We ended the night with one more wheel chair ride outside to get some fresh air. Again, my husband was going crazy....and used me as an excuse to get outside :) It was nice though, we enjoyed the water fall outside of the hospital and shared some more food. We like to eat... :)

This morning Dr. Romberg came in at 8:30 am. It was SO great to see her!!!!!! Finally!!! She was super impressed with what bed rest had done so far at the hospital and said there was no reason why I couldn't go home and be on bed rest. She quickly informed me that I could be back, next week even....but that we would take it week by week. I will see the high risk doctor every Wednesday, and then see her each Wednesday following that appointment. She told me to pack a light bag each week because we just won't know. She sent me home with a medicine to help with any contracting, which I have NOT been having...but as a precaution and I will take it every morning. I am on total bedrest and only allowed to use the bathroom and shower, and although Jack told her he really wanted me to stay, she really felt confident that I could go home and do the same thing there. I am glad she had me in the hospital for 5 days though, because know I know what bed rest is....and it is NOT a joke!!

Jack and Rick helped pack up my room and then they left for work. Mom came with mid morning breakfast...mmmmm breakfast tacos....and then finished getting all my things from my room. We wheel chaired downstairs and were headed east bound! Although I was laying back and couldn't see anything out the window, I could not wait to smell the smell of my house. It was awesome to be here. We made a La Madeline stop and then were were home!

WOW, so many people worked so hard while I was gone. Denise had the nursery all organized and complete. She added all of her Denise "touches" all over the looks amazing! Uncle Kelly and Matt had come to wash windows, and who knows all of what Jack's listed consisted of. I know my Dad helped too....WOW, we so are loved. It feels SOO good to lay in my bed, and as I type I am leaned back on a slanted pillow and have all the things I need right around me to help make this easier. I am very grateful for so many things, but this will be the constant reminder of what I am working towards. These pictures are right next to me, and these precious babies don't even know how loved they are as they bake in my belly. I can't wait (but I can wait) to bring them into this world and love them.


Ashley Moses said...

Yeah! So good to hear that you are at home! I'm just now catching up on my favorite blogs and learned what has been going on with you-- looks like you and I both had a busy hospital week last week! Keep that positive attitude (I love it!) and praying and God will watch over you all :) You're in my prayers too!

Ashley (Johnson) Moses

Arlene said...

I'm with Ashley, you're doing GREAT Amanda! It is awesome watching you lean on God and trust Him alone with all the uncertainty. I am confident you and Jack will make wonderful parents. Hope I get to meet all your precious babies when they get here! Much love & prayers your way!

Leah said...

Hi Amanda! I love reading your blog every day! I was on bed rest for 9 whole weeks (in and out of the hospital) and it was tough but every second is worth it once those bundles of joy arrive! Hang in there...I am praying for you and your little ones!

Leah (Russell) Wood