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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bedrest, Day 2

Fun times. :) Wow who knew laying in bed all day could be so exhausting. The day started at about 6 am to check for vitals, give meds, etc and after breakfast was brought in at 8:30 the day had begun.....I was wide awake. Jack left for work about 9 and I had some time alone for about 2 hours. So I think this will be the line up for the remainder of the human incubation time, Good Morning America, Regis & Kelly and The View. I notice nothing really comes on between 11 and 1 so I guess that could be nap and lunch? Ha, just kidding that routine will get old real fast! I am very blessed that I have the opportunity to work from home, the laptop, phone and I will become great buds. Today I was also blessed with so many awesome family and friends that came to visit. I ate a scrumptious (sarcasm) turkey and dressing lunch courtesy of Baylor and then a long awaited shower. It is pretty humiliating having to take a shower in a chair, I feel like I'm 80! I was glad when they told me I could be out of the gown though and into pj's so that made my day.

So right now they are monitoring the babies heart rates 2 times a day and also checking for contractions by hooking me up to this big belt and machine. I have an IV drip of meds that are also helping prevent pre term labor as well. Babies heart rates are great and let me tell you they like bed rest, they are moving and's sort of like a boxing match in there. Tomorrow they will move me to a bigger room where they will them hook me up to a different machine that will watch the babies heart rates for longer periods of time. Right now they just use the doppler and locate the heart, but this machine will chart them for an hour at a time to get a better idea of how their heart beats on a more consistent basis. They may also start steroid shots to help the babies develop a little faster, but I am not sure yet if that will be tomorrow or Monday.

I am only allowed to get up to use the restroom and shower so at this point my rear is sore. I am sure over time this will pass?! I hope!! I did get a prenatal massage this evening which has helped relieve some of the pain I have been having in my mid back, but I think she is going to come back tomorrow and work on the area a little more.

I am continued to be given strength by remembering how amazing it will be to hold these precious angels. Psalm 94:19 In the multitude of my anxieties within me,Your comforts delight my soul. Thank you Jamie for reminding me of this scripture.

Thank you for all the calls, emails and facebooks....I am so very grateful.

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Arlene said...

hi friend!! thinking of you and praying for you! i can relate just a tad on the whole bed rest thing - back surgery in high school - it's really hard to be confined to the bed and shower in a chair! i can encourage you with the small fact that you already know -- this is only for a season! it WILL pass and you will have God's supreme blessing of three amazing children to love on! much love your way!