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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The last 24 hours...

The last 24 hours have been a whirl wind. Lots has happened and I first want to thank every last one of you who have lifted myself and the three precious babies up in prayer. I am forever grateful for all my friends and family who are so wonderful and trust that God will take care of us.
I went to the doctor yesterday to check growth on each baby. I am SO happy to report that. Here are their stats:
Abigail Ruth , 1 lb 1 oz
Wyatt Michael, 1 lb 3 oz
Jessy Grace, 1 lb

On the other hand, the not so great report was that my cervix had started to thin and there was also funneling (starting to open). In 10 days I went from 3.7 cm to 3.0 cm. Being high risk and with that much change, there was a red flag. My doctor was not at the office at that time, so the doctor on call recommended I go home and be on bed rest the rest of the night. My nurse scheduled me for an appointment for the next day, today at 10:20 am.

This morning the doctor discussed what was happening and the pros and cons of the choices. The choice to do a cerclage (stitch up my cervix) or not do the procedure. At 22 weeks this is the last week she could do the procedure if she decided to do it. The pros are that this procedure would act as a barrier between the babies and the outside world, keeping the babies in longer. It would provide some structure, although may or may not totally prevent my cervix from continuing to thin or go into preterm labor. The cons would be that during the procedure it could cause my water to break or again, cause preterm labor. After much discussion, prayer, and a look at my cervix another time it was decided to go through with the procedure. My cervix in 12 hours had dropped to 2.5 with bedrest. So, I was admitted to Baylor Labor and Delivery and prepped for the procedure to be performed at 4 pm.

Family and friends surrounded me in prayer before I went to the operating room, and let me tell you that was the scariest thing I have done yet!!! Being put under is just weird and not knowing how the babies will be is ever scarier. But, God is good....according to Dr. Romberg, the procedure went perfect. My water did not break and in about 30 minutes I was in the recovery room.

I am know camped out in a room ante-partem at Baylor and will be here until at least Monday. The babies will be closely monitored as will my cervix and the length it keeps. Pending how I do this weekend, I will go home Monday and be on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. I am human incubator and I am TOTALLY OK about it! I had a wake up call today and I WILL not waiver from being a good bed rest patient. There is nothing more in this world I want than these babies to be strong and healthy.

NOW ready for some amazing pictures!!!! Here are the 3D pictures from yesterday, look at these cuties!!! Here are the cutest babies you have ever seen....

Wyatt yawning!!! He's bored!
I will update as I can....
Thank you for your continued prayers.


Heather said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww mannnnnnnnn.....Im sooo sad that you are now on bedrest! B-U-T OH SO RELIEVED that all is going well w/ such a scare! :O

Cook Babies Cook!

I still call dibbs on the first portrait session!

Keep the updates coming! {{{{hugs}}}

Becky Harrison said...

You guys know that we are prayng for good, healthy babies and Mom. Just saw on news last night that a Mom in Denver gave birth at 24 weeks to twins while on vacation at Christmas. They are doing great!! Staying in bed may become very boring, but we have to keep our eyes on the end products. We love you. Mike and Becky

Becky Harrison said...

I love them already! Just look at that sweet Wyatt trying to be the photo ham!

Shayla said...

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. - Jeremiah 1:5

Those are your babies, Amanda! What amazing pics. God is so good! Can't imagine you, Miss Busy Body, on bed rest though. I'll continue praying for the Self family.

kelly little said...

Those babies have the best human incubator in the world. You're going to be a wonderful Mom. Take care of yourself and know that we're out here praying for you.
Much Love, Kelly & the girls