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Saturday, January 23, 2010

All I've Got is Time....

So I hate to be "debby downer" but today was a rough day. I think it started at 3 am when I had to be woken up with blood pressure check, temp check and then baby heart rate check. I was feeling a lot of pressure down low so they then changed my bed to where my feet were higher than my belly. It was quite interesting and must I say unbelievably uncomfortable. I can't sleep on my back because it prevents blood flow to the babies, and I can't sleep on my right side because of the back pain on my right side, so sleeping on the left side vertical it was. I tried to go to sleep and finally gave up and laid there until I couldn't take it any more. I put the bed down and went to sleep from about 4-5 and then woke up at 6 waiting for the next round of check-ins. As I laid there I was feeling super sorry for myself, but then quickly was reminded of the things I am grateful for. I am grateful for: a great hospital with amazing staff, a wonderful husband who is being super helpful, a wonderful support of family and friends, 3 beautiful babies to be and good reports for the past 2 days. I guess the hardest part is knowing that when I get up in the morning, I am still here and still bed bound. Sort of hard for a pretty independent person. BUT, as I said I am being a downer and feeling sorry for myself so I'm done.

The doctor came in this morning to check on me and to talk with me about what will happen Monday. He did prepare me to stay longer, not because the babies don't look good, but because of my cervix and what it can handle being at home. I will have a sonogram on Monday to check my cervical length and to see how the procedure from Wednesday looks after 5 days.

I had several family members here with me today. Dad stayed the night, but this morning Josh Forner came for a quick visit before he headed to work, Dallas PD. By mid morning Dillon and Laura came and brought a yummy breakfast taco and lots of great magazines. Laura also painted my toe nails, which was a huge necessity! :) Denise came around noon and then the fun started when they came in to monitor the babies again each for at least 20 minutes total, on each baby. This process yesterday was a breeze, however today was a different story. 2 hours later, Jessy moved so much that the nurse was not able to get an accurate reading. Her heart rate is there, but it has to be a consistent reading for at least 20 minutes. I had to be in different positions to make her not move and by the end of 2 hours I was in tears and the nurse was worn out. We decided round 2 would happen later in the evening.

Jack got here around 5 and I was so glad to see him!!! He had been working so hard all day at the house, and I am excited to report that all baby beds are put together! Thank you Mike Skahan for your help. I know he had lots of other things on his "to do" list, but he worked hard.

The larger room was available today, so about the time that Jack got here, Dad and Denise had started to relocate all of our things. I just laid as everyone worked...ugh. My nurse said I had 30 minute wheel chair privileges starting today, so I saw a wheel chair and was ready to get out of the room!! Jack took me through the halls of the hospital, we got an Icee, and went up to the 17th floor which is the "observation" deck. It was nice to get out for a little bit and away from the bed. We came back to the new room and it is much bigger and had 2 windows instead of 1, so that is a plus!

My wonderful nurse, Christina Brothers (from The Quest Church), has taken great care of me tonight. She is concerned about my back pain and was trying to think of a million different things she could do to help. Right now a towel rolled up in my mid-back seems to be alleviating some of the pain. We will see, I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day. One of my consultants Brandy and her husband and 2 children came for a visit and while they were here the other baby heart monitoring began. This time it was only about an hour, and the report seem to be somewhat clearer than this Christina called the doctor and he ok'd the results we had.

Dinner came and Mom and Rick came to visit for the remainder of the evening and brought Jack dinner.

I am super excited tomorrow to see family for my shower!! It will be in my room and sort of come and will be fun and make the day go by super fast.

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Jen said...

Amanda! I had been reading now and then, skipped a couple of weeks and wow, so much has happened! Everyone has their Debbie days but you are so inspiring to continue to think of positive things. I wish I weren't so far from Dallas because I would totally bring you some food (4400 calories? that's crazy!). But I am thinking about you and will be praying for you and the babies!
Good luck and vent anytime! What you are doing is hard work!