Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adapt and Overcome...

This motto was used a lot when Jack was in the Marines and when we had such unknowns. This motto has served me well many times, but today was a good day to use this one. It is so true, we just never know what each day will bring and a lot of times we just have to adapt to what has come our way.

Today was a MUCH better day!! I woke up from longer rest and a new attitude on how to tackle the day. I had great quiet time as Jack left and was able to really soak in what God was calling me to do. He has called me to be a mother, and knew before I even knew my own name that I would bear 3 beautiful babies. So, I am honored and today I tackled the day differently.

Jack left around 7 am to head home for Church and I was served breakfast in bed. Now I am not complaining about this hospital food. I mean how can you...they cook it, they bring it to you, then they clean it up! I am alllll about it :) So what it's bland, add some salt, pepper and some Tony's! I had quiet time until about 11 and it was great. I watched Joel Olsteen on TV and found great scripture to help get through the day. By the way, love Joel Olsteen, my opinion, he is more of a motivational speaker with some scripture sprinkled in there. Love him, don't get me wrong, but wow a great inspirational speaker as well to get people movin', groovin' and lovin' life. It was pretty amazing though, he talked about a mother who had tried for some time to get pregnant and ended up pregnant with triplets. He spoke of her 3 month time in the hospital and the 6 months of NICU for the babies. Through the determination and God's grace how she overcame that hard time. Now what are the odds that was on this morning!?! Hello, God's odds :)

Denise got here about noon and helped me get ready for the day. My amazing family had a shower for me in the hospital so I got showered, dressed and back in bed before 2. Christian and Max came around 1 and then my family showed up about 2. The set up in the break room on this floor and then took turns coming into see me and open gifts. It was fun and awesome to see all those I love so much. I AM the most blessed mommy to be. We got lots of great things and I have to point out that Jack did get his "daddy pack" (aka diaper bag) that he picked out at Babies 'r Us. Lots of wonderful gifts, and gift cards....those are always great! Here are some pictures from the shower.
I was a good girl. I stayed at my 45 degree angle in my bed and gave hugs and kisses from the bed. I did eat lots of sugar so the babies as we speak are having a PARTY!!! Ha, it is hilarious and amazing how they move. I love that I know which baby is where and who is moving. Wyatt is so strong. Abigail I am pretty sure just moves when Wyatt kicks her, and then sweet Jessy Grace has strong movements, but she keeps to herself. They are too funny!

I am just waiting for Jack to get here for the evening and I am sure we will watch TV and I will crash. It was fun day and I thank God for the great things He continues to bring into my life. We will wait until tomorrow to see what happens next. The doctors will be here early to measure my cervix and see if I can go home. I may, I may not...but we will just adapt and overcome either way.


The Newmans said...


You look so great!! I love your updates. Hang in there girl. What a perfect day for you to listen to Joel and his message. You are so right about God knowing all of this before any of us know a thing. Really does make you stop and think WOW this is such a precious gift that only he could have given to us. I pray for your strength and that the babies keep on getting bigger and stronger each day.


Christina said...

You are about the cutest bedrest mommy in the world!

Audrey T said...

Congratulations, Amanda!

How fun to stumble upon your blog tonight and find you waiting for not one, but 3 babies. I hope that you are as comfortable as possible for as long as possible with them still growing inside. We'll be following your journey.